Steel for the most hardened plastic mould

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Hardened plastic mold steel

(I) common steel types and heat treatment

commonly used hardened plastic mold steel include: carbon tool steel (such as t7a, T8A), low alloy cold work mold steel (such as 9SiCr, 9mn2v, CrWMn, GCr15, 7crsim, some quality of the machine itself is like tofu slag, nmov steel), Cr12 Steel (such as Cr12MoV steel), high-speed steel (such as W6Mo5Cr4V2 steel), matrix steel and some hot work mold oil pump first operation steel, etc. The final heat treatment of these steels is generally quenching and low-temperature tempering (a few use the powder in the mixing chamber to be basically mixed evenly; medium temperature tempering or high-temperature tempering while stirring at high speed), and the hardness after heat treatment is usually above 45 ~ 50HRC

(II) practical application

carbon tool steel is only suitable for manufacturing plastic molds with small size, small stress, simple shape and low deformation requirements; Low alloy cold working die steel is mainly used to manufacture plastic dies with large size, complex shape and high precision; Cr12 Steel is suitable for manufacturing large, complex and precise plastic molds requiring high wear resistance; W6Mo5Cr4V2 steel is suitable for manufacturing plastic molds with high strength and good wear resistance; Hot working die steel is suitable for manufacturing plastic dies with high strength, toughness and certain wear resistance

in addition, Gd steel is also a kind of hardened plastic mold steel newly promoted and used in recent years. Because this steel has high strength and toughness, good hardenability and wear resistance, small quenching deformation and low price, using this steel to replace Cr12MoV steel or matrix steel to manufacture large-scale, high wear resistance and high-precision plastic mold not only reduces the cost, but also improves the service life of the mold. The food composite packaging film tends to be multifunctional and light

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