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The steady growth of the glass industry needs to strive to do a good job in the "four new jobs"

in view of the current industrial situation of the glass industry, such as the contradiction of overcapacity is still prominent, the progress of structural adjustment is slow, enterprises have difficulties in operation, the continuous decline in the quality of industry operation, and illegal new capacity projects still occur from time to time, the China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association recently formulated the "four new jobs" plan, In order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the glass industry to a turning point in depth. On June 10, the China Building Materials Federation held a discussion on the "four new jobs" plan of the glass industry in Beijing. Qiao Longde, President of the China Building Materials Federation, and the heads of relevant associations and federations. 1. Horizontal horizontal tension structures

the "four new work" plan includes new measures of "two containment", new actions of industry self-discipline, new ideas of changing business methods, and new breakthroughs in restructuring

the "four new jobs" plan proposes that curbing the new production capacity, optimizing the stock and curbing the decline in economic benefits are still the most urgent and important work for the glass industry at present. To this end, the "two new containment measures" implemented by China architectural glass and industrial glass association include multi-party linkage to curb new production capacity, and achieve the overall requirements that the growth rate of production capacity be less than 5% and the total production capacity be maintained at the scale of 2014; Raise the industry access threshold with energy conservation and emission reduction standards; Accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity; Promote the government to formulate and promulgate the policy of mandatory promotion of the use of energy-saving glass, etc

Qiao Longde believes that "promoting the government to formulate and issue policies for the mandatory promotion and use of energy-saving glass" is of great significance to cultivate emerging markets, promote industrial upgrading, solve the problem of existing overcapacity, promote the healthy development of the industry and promote the construction of a green and environmental friendly society in China. China Building Materials Federation and China building glass and Industrial Glass Association will continue to promote the state to revise and improve the energy-saving standards and acceptance specifications related to building doors and windows, formulate the policy of mandatory promotion and use of low radiation energy-saving glass, promote the first mandatory promotion and application of high-performance low radiation energy-saving glass in building doors and windows in first and second tier cities, and actively promote its use in third and fourth tier cities

Qiao Longde suggested at the meeting to establish a "energy-saving glass application promotion alliance", integrate resources, strengthen cooperation, expand the consumption of glass products, and promote the popularization and application of Low-E glass, vacuum glass and other energy-saving products

as for the "new action of industry self-discipline", Qiao Longde asked the association to strengthen the sense of self-discipline and fulfill the functions of the association and the requirements of the responsibilities entrusted to the industry association by the state; Strengthen self-discipline and standardize implementation supervision; Grasping self-discipline should focus on improving economic benefits, and grasping key regions and key enterprises is the key; Cooperate with the Federation to organize and hold the national "forum on the accelerated transformation of the flat glass industry to carry out complex data analysis based upgrading and stabilize industry benefits", unify ideas, promote industry self-discipline, and jointly curb the continued decline of industry economic benefits

"new ideas for changing the mode of operation" include increasing the proportion of direct sales of glass enterprises, cultivating and developing glass futures, guiding the industry to extend the industrial chain, and actively organizing the implementation of the "going out" strategy. "Promoting new breakthroughs in reorganization" should aim at the reality that the merger and reorganization of the glass industry has made slow progress. The overall requirements are to deepen and refine the "Implementation Opinions on promoting merger and reorganization in the flat glass industry", strengthen communication and coordination with the government and enterprises, do a good job in matchmaking, and strive to make a breakthrough in the number, scale, quality and other aspects of mergers; Break through institutional barriers, and use relevant technologies to develop very rapidly, and market mechanisms to guide mergers and acquisitions; Innovate policies and strive for a favorable environment for mergers and acquisitions; Innovate the mechanism, actively strengthen the contact with the government, and promote and win the support of the government

Qiao Longde finally stressed that the "four new jobs" plan systematically combed the working ideas of associations and industries, and the purpose of the seminar was to improve the plan and promote the implementation. Participants have put forward modification opinions and suggestions on the plan from different angles. The final revised "four new work" plan will be released to the whole industry by China Building Materials Federation and China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, and actively promoted

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