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Energy saving application of steam in the flexible packaging industry

[China Packaging News] a packaging material company is mainly engaged in the production, sales and related technical consulting services of packaging materials: such as food packaging, cooking bag packaging, chemical flexible packaging, external packaging of deoxidizer after drying cylinder connection, aluminum thin composite packaging, high-temperature sterilization bags, high-temperature and low-temperature Mylar (medical device packaging), boiled bags, etc. All the equipment of the company is imported from Italy and Japan. It is a first-class production enterprise in the domestic printing industry

the company's main steam equipment is various gravure printing machines. Each machine has a different number of hot air heat exchangers. The steam comes out of the boiler and is reduced to 4bar through the foot pressure reducing valve, and then enters the hot air heat exchanger through the control valve to heat the air to a certain temperature (the setting of this temperature is related to the ink), and the hot air blown out is used to dry the ink

the recovery of condensate is considered in the design of the project, but the use of condensate recovery equipment is not considered. The leaders and technicians of the company are also aware of the social benefits and economic benefits of condensate recovery. Because the discharge of high-temperature condensate will bring environmental pollution, and the condensate contains considerable heat, direct discharge will cause a waste of energy. Taking natural gas as fuel, recycling each ton of condensate can save about RMB yuan. For many enterprises, the investment payback period of condensate will be less than one year

the specific way to recover condensate depends on the specific situation of the enterprise. Generally speaking, the condensate pipeline layout is not improved, and the boiler room is at the lowest position of the whole plant, so the gravity flow method can be used. However, it should be noted that the selection of condensate pipes must be based on the amount of secondary steam. In the case of the company, the steam pipe and condensate pipe are arranged overhead, with a height of 4.5m, while the condensate outlet of the hot air heat exchanger is about 2m. At the same time, the condensed service should be to impress the customers, and the condensate pipe will return to the boiler room after walking on the roof

as a professional company in the field of global steam application, the engineering and technical personnel of Suzhou Rick valve invited us to discuss the problem of condensate recovery. We believe that since the steam enters the heat exchanger through the control valve, and the control valve can be at any opening under the control of the temperature controller, the condensate cannot reach the height of the steam pipeline when the control valve is at a small opening, That is to say, the condensate may lose flow under this working condition. The loss of current will cause temperature control fluctuations and water hammer. We suggest to use Rick's PT series condensate recovery pump, install one in each printing machine, the condensate of each printing machine flows back to the condensate recovery pump by itself, and returns to the boiler room after being pressurized by the condensate recovery pump. Rick's condensate recovery pump is powered by steam, which avoids the problem that the electric pump is prone to cavitation at high temperature in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment, and its performance is stable and reliable. Three Pt series condensate recovery pumps of our company are used in the first phase of the project, and they are running well at present. Other products of Suzhou Rick valve used by the company also include Rick's pressure reducing and stabilizing valve, steam control valve, etc

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