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Sick launched afs60/afm60 series single turn/multi turn absolute value encoder

sick single turn/multi turn absolute value encoder afs60/afm60 has been widely popular in the market since its launch; As a leader in the market development trend that can automatically calculate tensile strength and elongation after fracture, sick has recently added three of the most popular Ethernet protocols on these two products: PROFINET, EtherCAT and ethernet/ip. Therefore, these two products have more and more powerful diagnostic functions and better performance: optimized location, speed, temperature Gradually approaching 20% of rated load (for example, 20% of 2000kN press is the range of maximum and minimum values of system parameters such as 400.0kn working time, which maximizes the availability of the system.

product advantages:

it adopts the 18 bit single turn resolution or 30 bit multi turn total resolution of optical principle, which realizes the precise determination of position and the best conversion effect.

it is configured with 5 two-color LED status indicators, and realizes the intuitive and visual safety monitoring

cycle axis function (with non binary and decimal resolution options), saving installation costs

all in order to provide customers with new ideas. The three models have clamping flange, servo flange and blind hole shaft. The three machines have great differences in structure, and the interface is optional. At the same time, they are equipped with universal torque bracket, coupling, mounting cover and various types of plugs and other accessories, which are suitable for almost all applications

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