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Sick will appear at the China International Robot Exhibition

China International Robot Exhibition CIROS 2016 will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from July 6 to July 9. Robots, as a hot topic in recent years, are known as the necessary artifact for manufacturing industry to enter industry 4.0, and have received high attention from all walks of life

as a leading sensor company in the world, sick is the earliest participant and supporter of the German industry 4.0 strategy. How can we miss this first and only professional exhibition in the whole industry chain in the robot field in China? Sick will take this opportunity to show customers in all industries the innovative achievements in the sensor field

this time, we cooperate with xinshida robot to exhibit a single cable robot system with intelligent identification function and safety protection function. Sike has installed ekm36 servo feedback encoder, C4C safety light curtain, S300 safety exciter and our 1 sample light scanner, re magnetic safety door switch, rfu620 infinite RF reader, pim60 vision sensor, trispector 3D vision sensor, gtb2s Ultra Mini photoelectric sensor, etc. on the robot system. A series of Sike sensors work together, Make the robot complete specific tasks. The robot can switch flexibly in standby mode, welcome mode, slow mode and guessing mode according to the audience entering different areas. Can the robot guess the right cards? What is the logic of guessing cards? How can these mode switching be applied to actual production, so as to promote the robot to complete handling, stacking, assembly and other operations? How can intelligent sensors help industrial robots? 1. Focus on developing multifunctional and high-performance materials and additives to realize intellectualization? Welcome to Sike booth, you will find professional answers

in addition, we will also show 3D smart camera application solutions, single cable servo system solutions using hiperface DSL, photoelectric sensor solutions, proximity sensor solutions, safety protection system solutions, motion control sensor solutions and service robots

welcome to Sike booth. During the exhibition, professional engineers will share and discuss industry topics with you. Pay attention to our official account on site, and you can also get a small exquisite gift with different colors on each floor

welcome to Sike booth. The detailed exhibition information is as follows:

exhibition date: July 6-7, 2016. Some enterprises have disturbed the market price system. On July 9, 2016

exhibition location: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District)

Sike booth: Hall 3 C240

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