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Sichuan Valve Association went to Neftegaz, the 2018 Russian oil exhibition, to explore international market opportunities.

nefteg, the international oil and gas exhibition in Moscow, Russia. In addition, AZ was jointly hosted by Dusseldorf exhibition company in Germany and Expocenter in Russia. The exhibition was founded in 1978 and has been held for even years. However, since 2016, Neftegaz has received strong support from the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation

natural gas exhibition after the use of thermoelectric conversion materials and solar cells on the international oil day in Moscow, Russia Neftegaz is jointly hosted by Germany Dusseldorf exhibition company and Russia Expo. The exhibition was founded in 1978 and has been held for even years. However, since 2016, Neftegaz has received strong support from the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation. It is held once a year, and 2018 is the 18th. Alexandernovak, the Minister of energy of the Russian Federation, made it clear that the Russian Ministry of energy has regarded Neftegaz as the most important exhibition in the industry and a combustion promoter to promote the development and innovation of fuel and new energy. The exhibition has passed the double certification of UFI (International Exhibition Association) and Ruef (Russian Exhibition Union) with intelligent feedback computing. It is the largest and most influential oil, gas and petrochemical equipment exhibition in Russia and the Far East

Neftegaz, the 2018 Russian oil exhibition, has gathered many international excellent valve suppliers and attracted buyers from all over the world, which not only provides business opportunities for valve enterprises from all over the world, but also provides a platform for suppliers in the international industry to communicate and trade. The exhibition attracted 524 enterprises from more than 21 countries around the world; Among them, 128 Chinese enterprises participated (16 Sichuan enterprises, including 10 valve enterprises). 20200 people from dozens of countries and regions such as Russia, China, Germany, Britain, France and the United States attended the exhibition

in this exhibition (April 16-19, 2018), our Sichuan valve industry association member units: Chengdu Chenggao Valve Co., Ltd. of Chengfeng valve group, Sichuan Jianyang Chuanli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sichuan green fluid control equipment Co., Ltd., Sichuan Jinxi Industrial Co., Ltd., Sichuan CHUANHENG automatic control valve Co., Ltd., Sichuan Chuankai Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu zhanyueming import and export trade Co., Ltd 27 people from 14 enterprises including Chengdu Zhonghuan fluid control equipment Co., Ltd., Chengdu linxuan Trading Co., Ltd., Sichuan Suke fluid control equipment Co., Ltd., Chengdu Maxon fluid control equipment Co., Ltd., Chengdu Hangli valve complete equipment Co., Ltd., Sichuan Chuankai Valve Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Chunxi import and export trade Co., Ltd. attended the exhibition. During the exhibition, our exhibitors received more than 500 customers for consultation, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions with some customers

Neftegaz, the Russian oil exhibition, helps our valve enterprises understand the international valve professional market; Implement the national "the Belt and Road" principles and policies; It provides an intuitive concept to explore the market advantages and existing problems of Sichuan valve export to Russia. In addition, our valve enterprises and Russian dealers have conducted counterpart talks on business philosophy, business mode and management mode, and the participating and Exhibition viewing enterprises have achieved unexpected gains

our valve enterprises in Sichuan can consider extending the industrial chain, actively promoting more supporting products to go out, and expanding the export of valves and spare parts. Enable the valve enterprises in Sichuan to form a joint force to explore the international market, which is conducive to increasing the volume of export business

in addition (April 16, 2018), my delegation was invited by the qiumingzhou branch of the Russian Machinery Association to have in-depth exchanges and business docking discussions with some relevant enterprises in qiumingzhou. Talakanov, deputy governor of Qiuming Prefecture, attended the meeting in person. He said: he welcomes member units of Sichuan valve industry association to have deeper cooperation in Qiuming Prefecture. During the talks, the representatives of both sides spoke freely and frankly, and the business negotiation intention was gratifying and a complete success

the participation in Neftegaz and business in this Russian oil exhibition injected many warm business matchmaking and negotiation activities into the challenging entrepreneurial road, which broadened the horizons of enterprises, increased their knowledge, and enhanced their determination and confidence to explore the international market. Our valve enterprises in Sichuan Province should further strengthen the "going out" efforts, adhere to the easy combination of domestic and foreign trade, make good use of international and domestic "two markets and two resources", and actively respond to the international financial crisis. In the "financial war" in an invincible position

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