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Sick launched a new generation of security light curtain mac4

the new generation of mac4 security light curtain is a high cost performance product specially tailored for the Asian market, which meets the application needs of specific industries. Modular design can significantly reduce customers' inventory space and costs, and has a very large competitive advantage

product features:

: modular, scalable design, safe and reliable

: safety level type 4 (IEC 61496), pl e (EN ISO 13849)

: no blind area

: resolution of 17 mm or 30 mm

: protection height from 210 mm to 1050 mm, increment of each level 210 mm

: protection distance from 0.4 m to 3.2 m

: direct installation, no support

typical application:

: small parts manual assembly station, Semi automatic equipment workstation

: Electronics and solar energy industry

: auto parts industry

: scalable and modular design: convenient for protection and flexible adjustment of height

: multi-functional installation method without support and flexible extension cable, making it easy and time-saving to install the light curtain

: streamlined M-core cable, Fast wiring

: provide cost-effective solutions for small machines

: compact design can greatly reduce the requirements of transportation space, Save storage space

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about sick

sick sensor intelligence (sik, Germany - smart sensor expert) -- sick was founded in 1946. The company name is taken from the surname of the founder Dr. Erwin sick. Its head office is located in Waldkirch, southwest Germany. Sick has established nearly 50 subsidiaries and numerous sales agencies around the world, with a total number of employees of more than 6300, and its sales performance reached 971 million euros in 2012

Founded in 1994, sik China has developed one of the good material structures with leading technology and fully meeting the needs of customers for the important branch of sick in Asia. After years of development and accumulation, we have become an influential supplier of intelligent sensor solutions. Our products are widely used in all walks of life, including packaging, food and beverage, machine tools, automobiles, logistics, transportation, airports, steel, electronics, textiles and other industries. At present, it has touched an important characteristic of high-level elements here - creep needs collaboration and common development. Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Hong Kong and other places have set up branches, and formed an institutional system and business network that radiates its R & D level and industrialization scope, and has become a measure of a country's economic and social development in major regions of the country

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