Behind the hottest trend of customization, why is

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Behind the customization trend! XCMG's "the first flat in the mine", what on earth

behind the customization trend! XCMG's "the first flat in the mine" is based on what

China Construction machinery information

just at the beginning of this month

a great "joint" in the field of global mine construction Particularly eye-catching

the world's largest supplier of resource mining and mineral products

-- Rio Tinto Group

launched a batch of gr2605 motor graders customized by XCMG

and synchronously launched the

gr5505 motor grader product customization project

XCMG mining motor graders

Why did it attract the customization trend of this global mining giant

for a time, it became a hot topic in the industry

today, We might as well

open the "past achievements" of gr5505 motor grader

to see

this "sonorous rose" famous in major mining areas


excellent products bring extraordinary market influence

now, gr5505 has become a best-selling product of mining equipment at home and abroad. National Energy Group Mengdong, Mengxi and other large-scale open-pit mines in China almost take XCMG gr5505 mining grader as the construction standard configuration. At the same time, this national heavy equipment breaks the situation and sails, and is exported to the Russian high-end mine market

a large open-pit coal mine located in Zhungeer coalfield is one of the first mines to use gr5505. Part of the road surface of the coal mine is sand stone road, and the road surface is relatively hard, and the heavy-duty device of gr5505 has also withstood the test of bad working conditions, which makes the construction party very satisfied

in the first half of 2020, three XCMG gr5505 graders were purchased again, forming XCMG gr5505 mining grader group army! Today, the three newly arrived gr5505 mine graders are reliable and efficient in construction, with an attendance rate of 95%, providing a solid guarantee for the daily mining of the coal mine

in an open-pit mine in Shengli Coalfield, four gr5505 mining graders were delivered to the open-pit mine in the first half of 2020, once again starting the journey in the form of gr5505 group army

the temperature range is wide. In the rainy season in the past July, the deepest silt in the mine can reach 890mm, which is enough to sink gr5505 into half a tire! Even in the face of such a bad working condition, gr5505 can be said to be fully fired, and a blade vigorously pushes away the silt and sand on the road, paving a road to victory for the rapid resumption of production after the rainy season

look abroad. In 2019, XCMG gr5505, which has gained a firm foothold in the domestic mining market, set sail to sea and went abroad to Novosibirsk, with a attendance rate of 95%, which is a satisfactory answer for Russian customers in the six months since these two XCMG gr5505 mining graders entered the mine

XCMG gr5505 has lived up to the expectations of the public. It has made great strides in the permafrost of the coal mine sea in Novosibirsk, maintained a attendance rate of up to 95% under severe working conditions, and inserted the "blue gold flag" of XCMG's high-power grader in the Russian high-end mining market

have the courage to innovate and overcome the problem of heavy load in mines

behind the numerous achievements in the market is the inevitable result of XCMG gr5505 grader r r & D team focusing on market demand and industry cutting-edge technology. XCMG has innovatively developed a new generation of intelligent technologies for graders, such as electronic control double handle operation, temperature control independent heat dissipation, manual automatic gear shifting, and blade automatic obstacle crossing, so that users can always enjoy a comfortable construction experience

XCMG has also successfully broken through the bottleneck of key core components of large mining graders such as variable power engines and lockup gearboxes, and has "dedicated" service. The rear chuck seat can move the brand and concept left and right on the frame, and formulate differentiated service content for gr5505 under different working conditions, forming a strong post market support

nowadays, XCMG has made a strong attack based on the high-end, providing customers with a certain difference in the performance and fundamental parameters of pressure testing machines with the best complete product portfolio and the best construction solutions. XCMG mining complete sets of equipment with the highest level made in China are pointing to the global high-end mining market

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