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Sichuan Xincai printing drupa signs up for Heidelberg glazing printing machine

at the just concluded 2012 drupa printing exhibition, Sichuan Xincai printing signed a contract at the exhibition site to introduce Heidelberg speedpa CD 102 six color plus light offset printing machine

figure note: Sichuan Xincai printing signed a contract with Heidelberg on the spot at the drupa exhibition to introduce the speedpa CD 102 six color glazing offset press. From the left of the above figure, there are yuanhaizhong, senior vice president of Heidelberg offset printing, general manager of Xincai printing, and cailiancheng, CEO of Heidelberg China Co., Ltd

Sichuan Xincai Printing Co., Ltd. is an optional hardness tester with the most advanced equipment and common technology in Southwest China. It is a color printing and bill printing enterprise with the most perfect technology such as Brinell and Richter. The factory has been equipped with a full set of Heidelberg series equipment, including Heidelberg Yintong management system, Heidelberg CTP, a number of Heidelberg four-color offset printing machines, Heidelberg Starr folding machine and Paula paper cutting machine. With the introduction of this open format equipment, Xincai printing has become top competitive in the printing of high-end albums and promotional materials

Mr. yuanhaizhong, general manager of Sichuan Xincai printing, is also a senior photography enthusiast. This time, he took Hasu camera to visit the beautiful scenery of Europe. The experimental method of incombustibility of building materials gb/t 5464 ⑴ 999. President Yuan said: when you play photography, you must use hassu cameras, and when you do printing, you must use Heidelberg printing machines

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