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The 3000 ton/year high-strength and high modulus fiber production line of Sichuan Vinylon factory was successfully started.

the vinylon product technology upgrading project of the spinning workshop of Sichuan Vinylon factory - the 3000 ton/year high-strength and high modulus fiber production line is also a craftsman who recently successfully opened up the whole process, produced qualified products, and achieved a successful start-up

every crime is extremely rapid. As a new material, vinylon has a lot of room for development in replacing asbestos, as heat insulation and reinforcement materials. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Sichuan Vinylon factory vigorously promoted the construction of vinylon product technology upgrading projects, striving to achieve the scientific and sustainable development of vinylon devices and industrial upgrading, and improve the profitability of enterprises

as one of the three projects of vinylon product technology upgrading, the 3000 ton/year vinylon high-strength and high modulus fiber production line took more than one year to be successfully completed. Combined with the experience of Sichuan Vinylon factory in producing and developing cathode materials consisting of nickel, cobalt and manganese for more than 30 years, it has a number of innovative processes and a number of key equipment pioneered in China. As a glass fiber supplier, its single line production capacity is nearly 4 times higher than that of the old line, The strength and modulus of products have also reached and exceeded the best level in China, making the quality of domestic high-strength and high modulus fibers reach a new level

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