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Sick sensor assists the safe operation of the subway

in the process of subway operation, safety is undoubtedly the most important, especially in today's increasingly automated subway system, a sensitive and stable sensor system is needed to ensure the safety of passengers and ensure the safe and stable operation of the subway system. Sick, the world's leading sensor system supplier, has brought its advanced technology and products to the subway industry, solved technical problems such as automatic detection of rail obstacles, and become a close partner in the subway industry

w45 photoelectric switch - Ultra far vision ensures the safety of Shanghai subway

in order to ensure the safe operation of the train, there is a gap between the train and the screen door, but at the same time, it also forms a hidden danger, that is, passengers may be pinched by the screen door or trapped between the screen door and the train. The printing resistance of sick's w45 printing plate is low, and the photoelectric switch successfully solves this problem. At Shanghai subway gymnasium station, At the same time, the four w45 installed inside the screen doors at the two ends of the platform are located about 20 cm and 1 m away from the ground respectively. When the screen door and the train door are closed, it can monitor whether there are foreign objects between the two doors, effectively preventing passengers from being pinched until they are qualified

only photoelectric switches with high performance and high reliability can effectively ensure subway safety, while w45 photoelectric switches designed for harsh working conditions can easily meet the requirements. W45 photoelectric switches have super "far vision", and the detection distance can reach 300m. At the same time, w45 with a solid metal shell is also very operational. Its time delay and sensitivity adjustment devices are placed in an easy to operate terminal box

lms laser scanner realizes the automatic detection of obstacles on the rail - create a new driverless subway system in Copenhagen

lms is applied in the subway station in Copenhagen, which makes driverless driving easier. For Copenhagen, the subway is a new concept, and driverless driving is more new. Without LMS to realize the detection of obstacles on the rail, the centralized control center and control system of the subway cannot realize automatic control

in each subway station, the ODS system is composed of six LMS for detecting obstacles. When the volume of obstacles exceeds 450 × four hundred and fifty × At 450mm, ODS system sends the detected control signal to ATC system for control, in which LMS is very important

more safe and reliable

according to the design plan, the safety is particularly high, and the whole system has error redundancy processing. Each subway has its own alarm and visual system. The outdoor sensor designed in this way can effectively avoid misjudgment. In a word, according to the data provided by the system integrator, the average trouble free life of the whole system is 115 years. Therefore, in Copenhagen, it is easy for the subway to follow the correct steps. The solution is to check whether the power line connected to the experimental machine is normally connected; Check whether the emergency stop switch is screwed up; Check whether the power supply voltage connected to the experimental machine is normal; Check whether the fuse on the socket of the machine is burnt out during driving. According to the above statistics, they can be used until 2119 years

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