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Road and bridge construction (600263): have you along the way

Guide: Road and bridge construction (600263): mainly engaged in the general contracting of highway, bridge and other engineering construction projects, and involved in the field of high-tech product development, so that the company not only has the Olympic bid concept, 180 plate, Beijing plate and other themes, but also has high-tech concepts, which can be described as rich themes. And road and bridge

road and bridge construction (600263): mainly engaged in the general contracting of highway, bridge and other engineering construction projects, and involved in the field of high-tech product development, so that the company not only has the concept of Olympic bid, 180 plate, Beijing plate and other topics, but also has high-tech concepts, which can be said to be rich in topics. China Road and Bridge (Group) Corporation, the major shareholder of road and bridge construction, has strong strength and has been listed in 520 national key enterprises, which will play a positive role in expanding the scale of the company, accelerating the development of the company and improving the market competitiveness of the company. The company has obtained the foreign operation right, the national first-class general contracting qualification, and the first-class credit of highway construction. The company has successively undertaken a large number of national key construction projects in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, such as Beijing Tianjin Tangshan expressway, capital airport expressway, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, Taijiu Expressway, Beijing Shijiazhuang expressway, Xiamen Haicang Bridge, Qingdao nvgushan bridge and so on. Xi'an Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., the holding subsidiary of the company, is the largest manufacturer of pavement machinery in China and Asia, with a production scale of more than 20 varieties of five series of asphalt concrete pavers, asphalt concrete mixing equipment, stabilized soil mixer and high-grade highway maintenance machinery. The products sell well in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and are exported to more than 10 countries and regions in Asia and Africa. The company has won honorary titles at home and abroad, such as the "international Arab Award", "international machuli golden statue award", "Luban Award for China Construction Project", "excellent project award for national technological innovation in the Eighth Five Year Plan". 5. Maximum tightening space: 400mm; number. Under the background of increasingly fierce market competition, the company actively adjusts its industrial organization and gradually forms industrial chains such as engineering construction, industrial manufacturing, infrastructure investment and intelligent transportation. After the loss of the Foreign Office of state-owned research and Technology Group Co., Ltd. due to local tension, the company timely acquired 100% equity of Zhongyi Hong Kong Co., Ltd. with some monetary funds and the assets of Kenya office and Sana'a office with sound anti electric shock measures, and acquired 25.6% equity of Zhongji construction investment Co., Ltd. with some raised funds. At present, the main income of Zhongji construction comes from the road and Bridge charges of investment projects, with good income stability and relatively high profit margin. The adjustment of the industrial structure has enhanced the company's anti risk ability and profitability, promoted the sustainable development of the company, and laid a solid foundation for the company's stock to perform better in the secondary market

from the secondary market, the circulating capital of this share is 115million shares, and the earnings per share in 2002 was 0.068 yuan. After the stock hit a peak of 22.48 yuan, the share price fell all the way back and reorganized. The adjustment time exceeded one and a half years, and the deepest adjustment range reached nearly 65%. The adjustment was extremely sufficient, and the oversold was serious. In the short term, after more than a month of consolidation with the correction of the market in the early stage, the stock has recently stabilized at the bottom, the transaction has continued to expand, the main capital entry signs are very obvious, and the form of building a large bottom at a low level has been formed. Recently, when the two markets rose rapidly together, the share price of the stock did not rise significantly, and the short-term stagflation trend was prominent, because it integrates infrastructure, Beijing plate, Olympic bid concept, 1806 At ordinary times, we should pay attention to multiple themes such as the maintenance of instruments. The hype theme is rich, and there is great room for imagination in the future rise. The acceleration requirements for short-term breakthrough are very strong. It is a rare excellent variety in the short and middle line, and it is the first choice for investors to focus on

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