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Highway doctor "embroidery" sequel: construction street = planting 1000 trees

highway doctor "embroidery" sequel: construction street = planting 1000 trees

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recently, Wu Zhenglong, deputy secretary of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Nanjing municipal Party committee, during his inspection of the "highway doctor" Yingda construction site, proposed to make "embroidery" efforts in urban fine construction management, Engineering construction is required to be as fine as "embroidery"

"highway doctor" carries the trust of the leaders of the provincial Party committee and continues to perform the sequel of "embroidery" in Liuhe District, Nanjing, which is mainly used for plastic packaging composite film. The traffic volume of Huancheng East Road and Huancheng south road constructed this time is relatively small, but with the growth of service time, the pavement appears pitted surface, longitudinal and transverse joints, well cover subsidence and local specimen fracture outside the marking line and other diseases under the action of traffic load

"highway doctor" found through coring and test pits of the original pavement that serious longitudinal and transverse cracks all run through the whole asphalt layer, and there are slight cracks on the surface of the base course. With nearly 20 years of experience as a "highway doctor", Yingda adopts Yingda plastic surgery to treat geothermal regeneration process by "applying the right medicine to the case and prescribing a good prescription"

shaping on-site geothermal regeneration is to use on-site geothermal regeneration unit to heat the pavement, spray regenerant, rake loose and iron, and at the same time, a small amount of new asphalt mixture is directly paved on the recycled mixture, and two layers are compacted and formed at one time

"road doctor" orange units lined up to show "embroidery" skills

construction street = planting 1000 trees, "road doctor" attracted public heated discussion

Inda's orange units in this construction were printed with "construction street = planting 1000 trees" stickers, which caused public heated discussion in the local area. Many citizens stopped to watch and marveled at such an environmentally friendly, low-carbon and fast "road repair artifact"

it is reported that according to the accounting report issued by Jiangsu asphalt pavement thermal regeneration engineering technology research center: a fir tree with a age of 30 years can absorb about 111kg of CO2 per year, while Yingda can reduce CO2 emissions by 11.4kg per 1m2 of geothermal regeneration construction, which is equivalent to 0.1 times the annual CO2 absorption of a tree, that is, 0.1 tree is planted. According to the conservative square conversion of a street, "the highway shows the latest innovative doctors in the new thermoplastic materials and battery components it currently develops." every street constructed, at least 1000 trees are planted

"road doctor" does not disturb the residents, with fast speed and guaranteed quality

it is understood that there are many residential areas around Liuhe East Ring Road and South Ring Road. In order to ensure high-quality construction and not affect the normal travel of residents, the Transportation Bureau of Liuhe District strongly invites Yingda, the "road doctor" who once undertook the overhaul of Chang'an Street in Beijing, to manage the roads under its jurisdiction

at the construction site, Yingda unit adopts trailer type vehicle traction to transit, giving full play to the high mobility and flexibility of the unit from the visual experience, and effectively accelerating the progress of the project. The assembly line operation of the unit will not disturb the residents during the construction process, and the speed is fast. The road surface will be refreshed after the unit passes

dust-free, noise-free, green construction, "highway doctor" will not affect residents' travel

"highway doctor" single lane construction, and the traffic is not congested

Yingda geothermal regeneration unit is huge, but it has a high degree of integration and mechanization. In this geothermal regeneration construction, the unit maintains a traveling speed of M/min, which is fast and efficient. In addition, Yingda unit construction only occupies one lane, and the rest of the lanes can be driven normally, without causing traffic congestion

"highway doctor" construction only occupies one lane and does not cause traffic interference

this Nanjing Liuhe construction is nearing the end, but Yingda's step of "planting trees" has not stopped. "Highway doctor" will continue to practice "embroidery" hard, adhere to refined management in the construction process, and create more boutique projects

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