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Rizhao Unicom strives to build a municipal government call center

recently, Shandong Rizhao Unicom completed the integration and relocation of six government services related to tourism in the city, and successfully merged. 12345 the first stage of integration was successfully completed

since this year, Rizhao Municipal government has sorted out 16 government services, and plans to integrate them into mayor 12345 services by the end of September, and build a super call center for the municipal government. Among them, the research on the implementation of Municipal Industry and commerce, tourism, price, quality supervision, food and drug, and culture shows that six laws have been integrated into mayor 12345. Tourists must cut off the loop in the system, and they can enjoy all areas and full coverage services by dialing 12345

Rizhao Unicom responded positively to this, and the customer collection Manager and technicians quickly sorted out the debugging process of 62 steel bar zigzag experimental machine. The municipal government requires that the relocation work be completed within two days. Time is tight and the task is heavy. Rizhao Unicom urgently convened relevant departments to study and formulate specific relocation plans for voice broadband equipment, optical cable lines and other backup routes, and complete the laying and commissioning work in the shortest time. During the relocation, the relevant departments of the company closely cooperated with each other and went all out. Therefore, the relocation was completed successfully within the specified time limit, ensuring the smooth opening of the municipal government's tourism service through train

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