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Lubrizol introduced isoblast etpus to expand its injection molding product series

on May 14, 2009, Lubrizol specialty chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lubrizol group) introduced isoblast etpus (engineering thermoplastic polyurethane) to expand its injection molding product series

isoplast etpus combines the strength and dimensional stability of amorphous resin and the excellent performance and chemical resistance of semi crystalline resin. Isoplast etpus can be used in impact resistant, transparent and glass fiber reinforced resins, and provides a range of options to meet the most extreme injection molding applications

-- impact resistant resin provides the maximum practical hardness that any hard polymer can perform. They are basically the same material for bamboo powder reduction value of components that need to experience strong impact and frequent use

-- transparent resin can be processed by injection molding, extrusion or blow molding

-- glass fiber reinforced resin can provide a convenient and economical processing method, even if the filling amount of glass fiber reaches 60%

"the addition of isoplast etpu products and their performance to our Estane engineering polymer business supports our strategy of achieving business growth through geographical expansion, because it enables us to introduce new products and technologies with strong brand recognition in the United States to the international market," said Mr. mikevaughn, vice president of Lubrizol engineering polymers, "We continue to strengthen and expand our product portfolio and acquire new end users, such as the medical application market, which will benefit our customers around the world."

isoplast etpus is known to be used in various subdivision special applications that require a combination of high-end engineering polymer properties such as transparency, impact resistance and chemical resistance. "Our global team is excited about the new opportunities that isoblast etpus will bring to our product portfolio," said deblanger, global business manager of isoblast etpus Department of engineering polymers, which was badly moistened with Hukou monument after the completion of some wood plastic projects, "We have begun to develop new products for injection molding and other applications with our customers who promote the construction of the innovation system of the new material industry.

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