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Rmsfaultseal fault sealing analysis software application

rmsfaultseal software developed by Norway Roxar technology service company, a famous supplier of advanced technology products in the upstream field of oil, is a set of fault sealing analysis tools with simple operation, which can be used in the comprehensive reservoir simulation process. From a geological point of view, using this software will help to finer remove the large low-temperature brittleness (ductile brittle transition temperature at 900~1000 DEG; c), 1300 DEG; The high temperature intensity above C is not enough to accurately simulate the reservoir/reservoir, improve the decision-making level, reduce risks, and make the overall performance of the reservoir reach the best of the sharp increase in the cost of imported raw materials

at present, 75% of the oil-gas traps in the world are related to faults, which are the most basic factor causing the heterogeneity of production/reservoir. In order to achieve good drilling results, the field of upstream oil research paid more and more attention to the selection and application of fault sealing analysis technology as early as 1991. RMSfaultseal? As a new characteristic fault sealing analysis tool, soft 6 has received extensive attention in the industry and has a promising application prospect

at present, more and more companies realize that fault sealing analysis is very important for exploration and development. Correctly describing the sealing of faults has become an important means to reduce the uncertainty and risk of exploration and development

in the exploration stage, fault sealing evaluation before drilling can accurately predict the sealing capacity and oil storage scale of specific oil layers near the fault, which is helpful to reduce exploration risks and improve the success rate of drilling. At present, many oil companies have regarded fault sealing analysis as an indispensable part of exploration prospect evaluation, and some large oil companies require that the results of fault sealing analysis must be demonstrated before reviewing drilling. Although fault sealing analysis requires some time and money, compared with drilling dry wells, the cost of fault sealing analysis is not high, especially in today's increasingly high drilling costs

in the development stage, the evaluation of fault sealing should not be ignored. Because decision makers need to fully consider the impact of fault sealing on development plan and well completion design, they not only need to understand whether the fault separates the reservoir, but also need to figure out how many wells need to be drilled to maximize oil and gas production. In terms of reservoir management, fault sealing has a great impact on the water injection effect of water injection wells and the productivity of production wells. At present, there are many examples that faults have become obstacles to fluid flow. Faults can reduce the porosity and permeability of surrounding pay zones and affect the sweep pattern and sweep efficiency of water injection. Through fault sealing analysis, it is helpful to improve oil recovery to understand the nature and characteristics of the fault separation area and understand the oil trapping mechanism of the fault

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