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The paper sector will see an opportunity for the appreciation of the RMB.

Zhang Yin, the first female richest man on China's top 100 rich list, has become a figure a few days ago. The Hurun rich list, China's influential rich list, released the 2006 List in the early stage. Zhang Yin ranked first with a personal wealth of 27billion yuan, becoming the richest woman in China. In addition to being familiar with this product manual, she is also the richest woman in the world who started from scratch. After winning the first place in Hurun China's rich list, Zhang Yin, a female entrepreneur who relied on Nine Dragons Paper for her billionaire status, ranked fifth on Forbes' 2006 China rich list

at the age of 27, Zhang Yin wandered alone in Hong Kong with 30000 yuan. At the age of 49, she became the new richest person on Hurun's 2006 rich list, with assets of 27billion yuan. What does Zhang Yin do when her assets rise 900000 times in 22 years? Some people call her "Queen of waste paper", because it is the junk business of "collecting waste paper" that creates huge wealth for her. At present, she is the founder and chairman of Nine Dragons Paper. People can't help exclaiming: the paper industry can also create such wealth

"paper" is one of the four oldest inventions in China. The most traditional industry produces the richest women. Zhang Yin's Nine Dragons Paper industry has a total market value of 37.5 billion yuan. Nine Dragons Paper obtained more than 500 times of oversubscription at the time of IPO, and now nine dragons paper is also very popular in the Hong Kong market

Zhang Yin said, "the ranking of Hurun ranking list confirms nine dragons, which is very important. From a certain perspective, it also reflects the value of our company's stock." The success of Nine Dragons Paper makes China's high-quality paper stocks popular with overseas investors, and the development prospect of the mainland paper industry has good expectations

RMB appreciation may be one of the sources of good expectations for the paper industry. As a standard beneficiary industry of RMB appreciation, the company focuses on the import substitution of medium and high-end elastomer varieties. With the substantial appreciation of RMB, for the paper industry, on the one hand, it can significantly reduce the cost of paper making; Second, the appreciation of RMB is conducive to reducing the purchase cost of imported equipment in the paper industry. Once erupted, the energy is also quite amazing

recently, the RMB exchange rate is prone to rust and hit new highs, which has stimulated the strong trend of RMB appreciation concept plates such as finance and real estate. The theme of RMB appreciation has become the mainstream force to promote the market rise in the near future. The paper sector, which has not yet moved, seems to be still in preparation, waiting for an opportunity to come

I remember that when Nine Dragons Paper IPO in Hong Kong, it once stimulated the movement of the mainland paper sector. Now there is a similar opportunity: sun paper will be listed on Thursday, and the reasonable price of the stock is 17 Between 10 yuan, its high pricing is expected to trigger a new market in the paper sector. 002067 Jingxing paper, which belongs to the category of high-end packaging paper, is one of the most important high-end packaging board manufacturers in East China, and the "leading Chinese packaging enterprise" that shares the industry pricing power with Nine Dragons Paper and textured paper, may be "greatly stimulated" and "moved by the wind"

will the papermaking sector rise tomorrow? Nine Dragons Paper's experience in creating China's richest man is right in front of you

information source: Guotai Junan

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