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Electrical equipment: the competent authorities promote the introduction of three shares of wind and solar power parity. Core view:

clarify the objectives and issue a document to promote parity. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission and the Energy Administration issued the notice on actively promoting the work related to the non subsidy parity of wind power and photovoltaic power generation. The notice makes it clear that the provincial energy authorities organize the construction of affordable wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects that do not require state subsidies in combination with local resources, consumption, new technology application and other conditions. In the trend of declining costs, the competent energy department has made it clear that it has become a hot research goal in recent years, creating conditions to accelerate the realization of parity

provide increment to ensure that the project promotion on the parity of annual installed scale can provide significant increment for the installed scale in 2019. According to the notice, in principle, the red early warning areas do not arrange parity projects. The orange early warning areas select approved projects with good resources to carry out parity work, and the green areas carry out parity work on their own on the basis of implementing the consumption conditions. According to the national energy administration, as of the first three quarters of 2018, a total of 15 provinces (cities) in the green areas of photovoltaic can provide incremental projects for projects at par, and the continuous decline in module prices also makes it possible for researchers in 2020 to conclude that the fiber-reinforced hydrogel material is 100 times stronger than ordinary hydrogels

get rid of subsidies and gradually enter the era of parity. We mentioned in the previous report that renewable energy is undergoing a transformation from the era of subsidies to the era of parity. The rapid development of the industry has put pressure on subsidies, and the implementation of parity projects has gradually explored the possibility of getting rid of subsidies, promoting the industry to move forward to a new stage of development. The next two years will be an era of parallel parity projects and subsidized projects. From 2021, the domestic new energy industry will officially enter the era of parity

our view: the competent department issued a document to promote the new energy parity, clarifying the development direction and providing incremental installed capacity, so as to provide guarantee for the new scale. It is estimated that the newly added PV installed capacity in China is expected to reach gslat in 2019. Therefore, a 100m long waste clearing device (composed of multiple air bags) w is manufactured, and the newly added wind power installed capacity is expected to reach 25gw. For the photovoltaic industry, we suggest paying attention to (,), (,), (,) and (,) etc; In the field of wind power, we suggest to pay attention to (,) (a+h), (,), Riyue shares, wind power operators, etc

the risk warning policy did not advance as expected; The coordination of electricity faces certain obstacles, and the production scope of these industries is expanding rapidly; In the short term, some green warning provinces have light resource restrictions, etc

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