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The demand of intelligent users for video chat is rising. On February 20, ctiforum (Zhang Chen): a few days ago, a market survey on users of video conferencing services such as Skype and ooVoo showed that two-thirds of the surveyed users like the function of video chat on mobile devices

what drives this demand? Industry experts point out a simple fact: technology has followed consumer demand. Improvements in networks, platforms, and devices -- as well as the need for anywhere, anytime connectivity -- have led to mobile device centric computing and communications revolution

at present, developers are studying faster networks including 3G and 4G, and mobile devices also have better operating systems - iPhone OS, Android, Symbian and windows mobile. The combination of mobile computing and social networking applications is creating a powerful uninterrupted communication platform, enabling consumers to choose the type of interaction they want at any time

wainhouse research senior partner Andrew W. Davis, an analyst, said: "the demand of enterprises and consumers for visual communication has increased, which is driven by both their own demand and the demand for interconnection between them. Mobile video communication is a huge business opportunity for ooVoo and other companies. These companies see themselves as the players whose game innovation in the mobile video field has increased year-on-year, but the staff put it in the cup by 0.9%, 7.6%, 1.8% and 7.2%."

Smart has enough processing capacity to support video chat, and more front cameras will support video chat dialogue. While this trend is spreading, many mobile devices do not support two-sided cameras, and the iPhone and iPad lack this function, which has caused controversy in technology media, blog stations and consumer social media. Experts predict that this market will continue to promote face-to-face communication

The high-tech field focuses on whether the product performance meets the design needs. However, Philippe Schwartz, the CEO of ooVoo, said: "we have carefully listened to consumers' expectations for mobile devices. We are happy to show the high quality, ease of use and seamless experience of ooVoo mobile video calling function on the mobile world conference." CTI Forum Report

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