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Paper industry: the demand is sluggish and the paper price maintains a downward trend

whether the software calibration or calibration function was used before the manufacturing inspection this week; The trend of paper printing sector surpassed the market. The sector rose by 4.04% this week, 1.23 percentage points higher than the CSI 300 index (up 2.81% this week). Due to the impact of the macroeconomic downturn, the rebound of the industry's performance in the fourth quarter may be limited, but the overall low valuation also makes the sector have a good margin of safety

the profitability of the paper industry is expected to rebound at the end of the third quarter. The traditional consumption peak season in the fourth quarter is expected to promote the profitability of the industry to rebound. However, the macroeconomic downturn will limit the recovery, and the industry is still facing great pressure. In the light industry, we are still optimistic about outdoor products, consumer goods (wigs, stationery, etc.), furniture and other industries. Due to the deterioration of the foreign economic environment, export-oriented enterprises will face greater pressure in the later stage and need to pay special attention

this week, the international pulp price fell in an all-round way, while the domestic pulp price stabilized. The international pulp price continues to decline due to the impact of overseas economy, and the domestic pulp price has stopped falling and stabilized. However, due to the high inventory of downstream paper mills, the demand is still not strong

affected by the overseas economic environment, the prices of American waste and European waste plunged, and the daily waste was slightly corrected. Due to the further deterioration of the overseas economic environment, it is expected that the country will need to issue the opinions on the development of innovative new materials in the later stage to seek a decline. This week, the prices of waste pulp from the United States and Europe fell sharply

the demand continues to be depressed, and the paper price maintains a downward trend. Affected by the domestic economic downturn, the fourth quarter may show a slack season. At present, the overall demand for paper products is slack, the paper mill inventory is high, and the downward trend of prices is difficult to change in the short term

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