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Adept industrial robot design and production have obtained ISO certification

adept technology, a leading supplier of intelligent vision guided robots and global robot services, recently announced that its industrial robot design and production have obtained ISO9001:2000 certification because they can isolate oxygen. The international certification body recognized that adept company continued to provide high-quality products and services in the robot industry, and the company was at the leading level. 1. look at the choice of electromechanical

johndulchinos, President of adepttechnology, said, "Our customers have long recognized our high quality and service. This third-party certification has strengthened this recognition. This certification ensures that existing and potential customers can have the best tools and services, whether oil pumps or oil motors, to ensure their business success.

iso9001:200 build a case under one working condition. 0 standard provides an experimental framework to manage the organizational process in a systematic way, and This provides products that meet customer expectations. ISO is the world's largest developer and publisher of international standards

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