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The demand situation of the construction machinery industry continues to improve.

in general, as the country (2) accelerates the implementation of new materials in key fields to ensure growth, and is widely used in many industries to expand domestic demand and adjust the structure, the ideal cost-effective experimental system strategy is emerging, which can be widely used in scientific research institutes, metallurgical construction, national defense and civil air defense, colleges and universities, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other industries, In 2009, the monthly sales of the main varieties of construction machinery showed an obvious trend of "low before high after" year-on-year, and so did the sales situation of major enterprises. The reason why the demand for construction machinery is "low before and high after" is closely related to the 4trillion yuan investment plan issued at the end of 2008. Driven by the national investment policy, the demand for construction machinery continues to expand

as the capital construction investment in 2010 can still maintain growth, the real estate investment tends to grow steadily, and the manufacturing investment keeps growing, we believe that the actual investment structure in 2010 will be better than that in 2009. In addition, from the bank's medium - and long-term loan volume and the planned growth rate of 83% of the total investment in new projects, we can also judge that the overall investment in 2010 will still maintain a rapid growth. According to relevant forecasts, the growth rate of urban fixed asset investment in 2010 was about 23%, which was significantly lower than that in 2009, but the domestic demand for construction machinery will still maintain a moderate growth

the main export regions of China's construction machinery are developing countries. In the process of coping with the international financial crisis, the economic recovery of developing countries is generally better than that of developed countries, especially resource rich countries. With the strong rebound of commodity futures prices, their economic recovery is more clear. We believe that the recovery of overseas markets is worth looking forward to. According to preliminary judgment, the export volume is expected to increase by 30% compared with 2009, reaching US $10.47 billion

based on the overall judgment of the improvement of domestic investment structure and the recovery of overseas markets, we believe that the demand for construction machinery in 2010 is better than that in 2009. There are overall investment opportunities in the industry, and the sales of major products can achieve growth. The income growth of the enterprise will not show a large positive and negative difference as in 2009

in 2009, the overall plate price was at a low level, and the average price was about 30% lower than that in 2008, which was conducive to the recovery of the gross profit margin of construction machinery products. It is judged that the steel price increase in 2010 may be between 10% and 20%, which is unlikely to rise significantly, so the impact on the profitability of construction machinery enterprises is limited

according to the current development situation of the industry, we believe that the investment opportunities in the construction machinery industry in 2010 may come from three aspects:

first, companies with rich product lines, flexible sales strategies and in place incentive measures will achieve faster development than the growth rate of the industry and bring excess benefits; Second, after the improvement of domestic investment structure and the recovery of exports, the demand structure has also improved in this year's open day activities, and the proportion of medium - and high-end products with high added value will increase, which will have an impact on the profitability of enterprises. In particular, for companies whose gross profit margin was at a historical low in 2009, it is likely that their performance will increase significantly in 2010 due to the obvious recovery of gross profit margin; Third, the export recovery exceeded expectations and was sustainable, resulting in the benefits brought by the improvement of the overall valuation level of the industry

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