The most dazzling Chinese style leads the fashion

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The most dazzling Chinese style leads the trend

no matter how the home trend changes, for Chinese people, their favorite home style is still "Chinese style". In 2013, the popularity of new Chinese style home furnishings swept away the dull characteristics of old Chinese furniture, such as heavy color, squareness and steadiness. Nowadays, traditional families in China are playing with "Chinese style", which is the mainstream decoration style, and has been labeled as "personality" and "fashion"

reveals a modern literary and artistic style

in the past, Chinese decoration style was mostly favored by the elderly groups, and its style was ancient and pedantic, which did not conform to the living habits of modern people and was rejected by young groups. This year, a compromise decoration style, the new Chinese style, has swept the country. This style is not only accepted by young people, but also applied by various luxury housing projects

the new Chinese style is not only a simple stacking of Chinese elements, but also a combination of modern elements and traditional elements through the understanding of traditional culture, so as to create things full of traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people, so that traditional art can be properly reflected in today's society

taking the traditional Chinese sofa as an example, although it looks classical and charming, its practical situation is very poor, and people feel very hard and uncomfortable sitting on it. The emergence of new Chinese furniture solves this problem. The new Chinese style sofa adopts the Chinese style in appearance and meets the functional needs of consumers. For example, the sofa has armrests, and the seat plates of backrest and chair are integrated with scientific ergonomic design, which greatly improves the comfort of use; The sofa is equipped with high-density rebound cotton sofa cushion, which has different density in different positions, so you won't feel tired after sitting for a long time; The armrest of the sofa adopts arc design, which is not easy to bump

the designer said that the design of new Chinese furniture pays attention to simple and smooth lines and exquisite carving. The biggest difference from traditional Chinese furniture is that although it has the charm of traditional elements, it is not blindly copied

industry response

this year, the sales performance of various brands of furniture focusing on the new Chinese style is good. Not only middle-aged consumers with high cultural taste have a special liking for it, but also more and more young people have begun to be attracted by the classical and fashionable characteristics of the new Chinese style furniture. With the popularity of new Chinese decoration, there are many new Chinese household products on the market. How to choose

according to insiders, when selecting new Chinese furniture, owners should not only be familiar with traditional culture, but also understand the popular trends of modern interior design, so that the two can complement each other. If you have a high budget and pay attention to collection value, you can choose the expensive Hainan Huanghua pear material. If you are a working class, you can choose the elm material with moderate price

generally, the surface of new Chinese furniture is only painted with varnish. If you like dark colors, you can choose red sandalwood and red acid branches with heavy colors. If you like fresh and elegant, you should choose rosewood with lighter colors

in addition, when selecting new Chinese furniture, we should also pay attention to the manufacturing process, such as the polishing process of the furniture surface. If the polishing is not in place, the surface will fade or even peel off, and will affect the service life of the furniture




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