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Kitchen decoration is the highlight, but because of lack of experience, you will always make many decoration mistakes. In order not to let yourself regret, let's take a look at the big hole in kitchen decoration. I believe that when you understand it, you will

kitchen decoration is an important part, but due to lack of experience, you will always make many decoration mistakes. In order not to let yourself regret, let's take a look at the big hole in kitchen decoration. I believe that when you understand it, you will make fewer mistakes in decoration

I. common regrets and lessons in kitchen decoration

1. The size of the refrigerator is not taken into account

when designing many kitchens, the height and thickness of the refrigerator are not considered, and the position reserved for the refrigerator is either too wide or too narrow. After buying the refrigerator, I found that the refrigerator is too thick, it is inconvenient to open and close the door, or the refrigerator protrudes a part, which is not beautiful enough, and there are some things that the empty gap between the refrigerator and the cabinet is too large

2. The sink is too small

sometimes the kitchen is like a battlefield. From washing vegetables to brushing the pot, it all depends on the sink. But if you don't plan clearly in advance and choose a small sink, you can't do it every time you wash it. This feeling of suffocation will not be understood by people who haven't cooked

therefore, it is strongly recommended that the sink must be large

3. The ceiling is not selected well

as we all know, the kitchen has problems such as high temperature, humidity, and much oil smoke. Therefore, in the selection of ceiling, it is best to have waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-proof and other properties. It is generally recommended that you choose high-quality aluminum-plastic gusset ceiling, preferably not gypsum board ceiling. Moreover, during installation, it should also be noted that the drilling hole should not be too deep. Generally, the depth should be 3~4cm, so as not to damage the waterproof on the top

4. Unreasonable structure and small kitchen space

the most common regret is that the layout of the three areas of storage, preparation and cooking is chaotic, which hinders the cooking line

the most important part of the kitchen layout is the five areas of storage, preparation, cleaning, storage and cooking. A reasonable planning should start from the entrance, and the layout from left to right is the storage area, cleaning area, preparation area and cooking area

II. The layout of kitchen water and electricity proposed by the passer-by

1. Waterway

the layout of kitchen should first determine the waterway, and first determine the location of water tanks, water purifiers, water heaters, dishwashers and other water items

① the minimum waterproof height of the kitchen wall needs to be 50cm

② the sink and floor drain need to set a certain drainage slope to avoid ponding

a drainage rack is set above the water tank to facilitate drainage and prevent the drained water from affecting the cleaning

2. Kitchen circuit

(1) pay special attention to the kitchen circuit, because the kitchen uses water and fire every day, so there must be no open lines exposed, and we must take dark lines to prevent fire

(2) there are many kitchen appliances, so the power sockets should be arranged according to their respective power. It should be noted that the refrigerator had better not share a socket with other appliances. Fire prevention and heat resistance are safety factors that must be considered in the selection of kitchen decoration materials

it is safe and convenient to install several sockets with switches in the kitchen

tips: standard socket quantity


range hood (three hole with switch and waterproof box) 1

under the stove (reserved for later replacement with electrical stove) 1

under the sink (small kitchen treasure can be installed) 1

water table (standby) 1

operation table (for small electrical appliances with switch) 2~3

microwave oven (three hole with switch and waterproof box)

1 oven

III Details that should be paid attention to in kitchen decoration

these seem to be small details, but they have an important impact on kitchen life:

1. Large cabinets bring you a sense of bulkiness! Don't think the bigger the cabinet area, the better

● the low cabinet in the kitchen should be made into a drawer, which is easy to take and put in the push-pull type, and has a better vision

● the hanging cabinet is generally made into a multi-layer lattice 30 to 40 cm wide

● change the swing door of the hanging cabinet to a raised or sliding door

● the small space between the countertop and the hanging cabinet is used to place kitchenware

● drawers or pull-out doors are used in the low storage space

2. Remember to make a baffle at the bottom of the kitchen, otherwise it's really inconvenient to cook and you'll have to pout your hips

3. If a large number of wood products are used in the decoration of the kitchen, attention should be paid to the improvement of the ventilation and air exchange system of the kitchen to avoid the accumulation of water vapor on the floor and wall for a long time. Once the water vapor is accumulated, the wood products are easy to mold and rot

4. It is better not to install door type garbage cans and table garbage cans. It will smell when you open the cabinet door in summer. It's better to put the garbage can outside





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