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A person can not eat for seven days and drink water for two days, but he cannot live without air for a moment. However, as the weather turns cold, a wide range of haze weather and excessive air quality in China will also be closer and closer to us

a person can not eat for 7 days and drink water for 2 days, but he cannot live without air for a moment. However, as the weather turns colder, a wide range of haze weather and excessive air quality in China will also be closer and closer to us

people spend at least 10 hours a day at home, especially in big cities. On average, nearly 90% of the time is spent indoors every day. If they breathe bad indoor air for a long time, it can lead to physical discomfort and poor health (such as headache, itchy eyes, dyspnea, skin allergy, fatigue or vomiting), and in the working environment, it also greatly affects work efficiency

what affects health is a major event, which must not be ignored! With the deterioration of the air, the air quality is getting worse and worse. Fortunately, there is diatom mud, a new decoration material. Facing the attack of haze, the powerful function of diatom mud makes your home air fresh and away from haze

as the diatom mud of "decoding happiness", Lianglong diatom mud "material" art double fragrance, the raw material is pure natural refined diatomite, diatomite has a very unique molecular structure, with the global original "24h matte formaldehyde removal" core technology production of "love 1", with long-term and powerful "respiratory function" can eliminate free formaldehyde, benzene, radon, TVOC and other harmful gases and substances in the air

diatom mud can not only remove aldehydes, but also purify free dust particles, fibers and floating substances in the air. Let the family enjoy the air, keep away from respiratory diseases and potential pollution. It can also eliminate indoor odor

diatom mud can also breathe and regulate humidity. When the indoor air is wet, the excess indoor water is stored in the diatom mud wall. When the indoor air is dry, it is released again, so that the dry humidity of the indoor air is suitable for human skin

diatom mud also has a better function of sound absorption and noise reduction. Diatom mud is decorated in the bedroom so that you, children and the elderly can have a good sleep. It can effectively absorb high-frequency bands harmful to human body and attenuate low-frequency noise function. Its effect is equivalent to more than twice that of cement mortar and slate with the same thickness, and it can shorten the residual sound time by 50%, greatly reduce the harm of noise to people, and create a quiet sleep environment for you

especially the children's room, there is no reason or problem to decorate it with diatom mud. Diatom mud can not only reduce the noise, so that the baby has a good sleep and good growth, but also the color of diatom mud is made of inorganic substances. The reflected light on the diatom mud wall is naturally soft, which is not easy to produce visual fatigue. It can effectively protect the eyesight of you and your family, especially the eyesight of children

it is safer to use diatom mud. Diatom mud has a good fire-retardant function. Diatom mud can withstand 1300 ℃ high temperature, does not burn, and does not produce any harmful gases. Let the family have a layer of protection

Lianglong diatom mud does not consume energy, does not consume electricity, and is continuous. It can protect the respiratory health of residents and their families for 24 hours. It is also known as "permanent air purifier". Just think, since there is such a magical wall at home, one "mud" can do more than having air conditioning, humidifier, dehumidifier and air purifier at the same time

use Lianglong diatom mud for home decoration

pay attention: bright dragon mud, don't worry




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