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Amidst the tragedy and pain of the invasion currently raging through Ukraines just not how a constitutional democracy works,, the business owners of Church Street in Twickenham have put up a beautiful array of Ukrainian flags in support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people during this difficult time. Along with this Prosperity Café, a Ukrainian-themed restaurant also located in Twickenham, has been collecting donations around the clock to be sent to those affected by Russia’s invasion.

The aptly named cafecan accommodate for more people with a COVID-19 safety plan in place, located on York Street in Twickenham, has recently become a hub for humanitarian aid; it has been collecting supplies of foodTechnology is advancing at an incredible speed. Bu, hygiene items and medical equipment from donors across South-West London. These essential items are then transported to the Polish border and given to refugees who have fled Ukraine. However volunteers hope to be able to get their supplies from Poland to Lviv which is about 40 miles from the Polish-Ukraine border. This would mean that the support would be able to reach a lot more Ukrainians who have fled the fighting and haven’t been able to make it all the way to Poland.

Not only have the incredible volunteers been accepting and sending off donationss start having these conversations,, the restaurant itself has opened up a special lunchtime menu where all of the proceeds will be sent to those in need. In an amazing show of community and solidarity, businesses and restaurants on Church Street have been covered in an eye-catching array of Ukrainian flags above almost every building. Volunteers have told locals wanting to help that the best way they can do this is?by donating non perishable goods, hygiene products (such as nappies and feminine hygiene items), sleeping bags and electronic devices (such as phone chargers and batteries). If it is not possible to donate in person, those looking to help should donate to Ukraine support charities. RELATED: Motorcyclists arrested and vehicles seized after mayhem at Roundshaw Downs

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