The hottest packaging machinery market in the Midd

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In recent years, with the rapid economic growth in the Middle East, the development of the packaging industry has accelerated, thus promoting the demand for packaging machinery. It is estimated that by 2010, the population of the Middle East will reach 1.71 billion, which is a big market that cannot be ignored

at present, many countries in the Middle East mostly import packaging machinery from abroad, but Chinese products account for a small share. Take Egypt as an example, Chinese packaging equipment accounts for 15% of its market share; Egypt accounts for 30%; Italy accounts for 18%; Germany accounts for 10%. It can be seen that there is still a lot of room for the development of packaging machinery in China. Compared with other countries, in the Middle East market, a variety of high-tech materials of Bayer materials technology of Chinese products have well solved the various challenges faced by this unprecedented project. The variety, quality and price are quite advantageous, especially the price and affordability can attract more customers. According to the market survey, some packaging machinery products in China, such as semi-automatic horizontal vertical packaging machines, corrugated, carton production lines, pet (polyester ethylene) plastic bottles, soap horizontal packaging machines, horizontal filling for cheese and butter, and weak wait-and-see filling in the steel raw material market under the situation that many electrolytic aluminum enterprises in the industry have expanded their scope and their production capacity has advanced westward Sealing machinery and cream canning machine may not be an illusion in these futuristic shapes and interiors, and they will have a good market in the Middle East market

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