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With the rapid development of China's national economy in the 21st century, people's living standards have been greatly improved, and the active market economy, especially the popularization of supermarkets, has led to a sharp increase in the amount of packaging for all kinds of goods. In particular, the contradiction between market demand and supply of several major categories of product packaging, functional packaging materials and high-tech equipment, such as preservation of agricultural and sideline special products, food, medicine and so on, is more prominent

researchers of international economic development strategy pointed out that in the 21st century, China will become the country with the fastest economic development and one of the world's largest international trade centers. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that China in the 21st century will also become the largest commodity packaging market in the world, and the largest distribution market of modern packaging raw and auxiliary materials and related processing technology and equipment. It is also a large packaging information exchange center in terms of money

one of the world's packaging demanders

with the rapid development of China's economy in the 21st century, a large number of new products will enter the open domestic and foreign markets for circulation, and the vast majority of listed goods need to have up-to-date packaging that can adapt to the circulation and consumption of the international market. According to the latest statistics released by the National Statistics Department not long ago, by 1999, China's total industrial and agricultural output value reached 8419 billion yuan, and the total value of foreign trade exports reached 195 billion US dollars, with a growth rate of about 7%. According to this development speed, China's industrial and agricultural GDP may reach 12trillion yuan in the first five years of the 21st century; The total value of foreign trade exports can reach at least US $300billion. There is no doubt that the vast majority of listed products need not only packaging, but also fashionable packaging with high quality. To meet such a huge number of commodity packaging needs, whether it is the number of packaging products, colors and varieties, or quality requirements, will reach an unprecedented level. Thus, a large market for modern packaging products with great development potential will be formed

therefore, it is certain that on the one hand, the demand for packaging products increases, on the other hand, the demand for packaging raw and auxiliary materials and complete sets of equipment related to processing technology also increases. Due to the large demand capacity and wide range of these three aspects, it will form one of the largest modern packaging demander markets in the world

borrowing chicken to lay eggs

is not a long-term strategy

Chinese people are in favor of absorbing foreign advanced technology, introducing foreign capital, and "borrowing chicken to lay eggs", but who can agree that the borrowed chicken has occupied its "nest". Judging from the current strength of our country in this industry, the actual level of modern packaging basic industry is far from strong enough to compete with the "packaging" power. The introduction of modern complete sets of technical equipment and packaging raw and auxiliary materials from other countries, although it can produce packaging products of a modern level and improve the packaging grade of domestic products, does not actually represent the actual level of our country. "Borrow chickens to lay eggs", even chickens are borrowed, how can you improve your level. Only by mainly relying on improving the strength of the country's modern packaging industry is the fundamental way out. According to the actual needs, we should carry out high-tech development and research, produce fashionable and applicable modern packaging raw and auxiliary materials and complete sets of processing technology and equipment, and produce fashionable packaging products with high-tech content, reasonable and applicable. Only in this way can we not only meet our own needs, but also lend the "chicken" to others

it should be foreseen that China's packaging market in the 21st century is actually a big competition of modern packaging high-tech forces. China's packaging industry will face a serious challenge. To occupy and maintain this big market, the most urgent thing at present is to increase and accelerate the development of the scientific and technological level of China's modern packaging basic industry while vigorously cultivating and making full use of scientific and technological talents; Make full use of China's existing resources and conditions, combined with learning from foreign experience, strive to change a large number of raw and auxiliary materials and a large number of complete sets of processing equipment from introduction to main self supply and key technology introduction as soon as possible, and develop China's modern packaging raw and auxiliary materials industry related to complete sets of processing equipment industry as soon as possible, and strive to make China self-supporting in these aspects in a relatively short time

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see who will supply the big market

with the rapid expansion of China's packaging demander market in the 21st century, it is necessary to have corresponding suppliers to support it. In order to meet the large demand for modern packaging products formed by China's rapid economic development in the 21st century, we must first solve the supply of all kinds of modern packaging raw and auxiliary materials and modern scientific and technological complete sets of processing technology and equipment, which will inevitably form a supplier market of modern packaging raw and auxiliary materials and complete sets of processing technology and equipment with the same infinite potential coexisting with the above-mentioned demander market in China. With the further development and opening up of China's commodity market, the large packaging market has also expanded. A large number of supply and demand activities and relevant information exchange activities for modern packaging products, raw and auxiliary materials and all kinds of high-tech equipment will be more active than ever before. China will surely become the distribution center of high-tech complete sets of equipment for modern packaging products and packaging raw and auxiliary materials and the modern packaging science and technology information exchange center that attracts the attention of the world in the 21st century. Who will become the protagonist of China's packaging market depends on who has the most strength to occupy this market

naturally, Chinese enterprises play a major role in China's packaging market. However, the development of today's society has completely broken the closure of the "state-owned market" in the past. The development of international society and economy has changed its way of occupying the future world commodity market, that is, the international market is occupied by products with economic strength and high-tech level. In the 21st century, China will become a member of the WTO, and the packaging market will further expand its opening up. In China's completely open market competition, which is already part of the international market, its market share depends entirely on the coordinated operation of different parts of economic strength. ". Therefore, in the competition to seize the packaging market in China in the 21st century, its basic industrial strength of modern packaging plays a decisive role

as for whether China's packaging industry can play a leading role in the competition of China's packaging market in the 21st century, or 10000 people say that they will become the protagonists in the face of blazing enthusiasm, we might as well make a general analysis on the current situation of China's modern packaging industry, and maybe we can see a clue

in fact, in the 1970s and 1980s, the equipment and technology of the world's modern packaging power were introduced in large quantities during the period when China's modern packaging industry was just starting and in urgent need of development. Among them, the main ones are: medium and high-grade paperboard, tinplate, two-piece can materials and other packaging raw and auxiliary materials, as well as high-speed automatic flat format, gravure packaging and printing machinery and complete sets of electronic color separation and layout making equipment; High speed, fully automatic, multi-layer wide corrugated cardboard box production line; A complete set of multifunctional and automatic plastic hollow containers; Two piece can production line, can lid production equipment, etc. Some of them are all, and some are most of the supplier markets, which are occupied by foreign businessmen. At that time, the amount of introduction in these areas was very amazing. This phenomenon even lasted until the end of the 20th century. Therefore, although China's modern packaging industry has made great progress after 20 years of efforts, there is still a large gap between China and the developed countries in the world in terms of overall and comprehensive level, especially the level of modern packaging basic industry and high-tech content. In particular, there is a significant gap in the development and research of medium and high-end modern packaging materials, varieties, quantities and product quality levels, the development of special and special functional packaging materials and the development and research level of complete sets of equipment related to production and molding processing technology. Until the end of the 20th century, China's introduction in these areas is still large

in the face of the new century and the new situation, we should remain sober enough: some major economic countries are constantly trying to expand and seize the Chinese market

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