China will increase 114 Tibetan drugs in 2010

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FDA: China will raise the standards of 114 Tibetan medicine varieties in 2010

recently, it was learned from the second coordination meeting of Tibetan medicine standards held by the State Food and Drug Administration in Lhasa that this year, the country will complete the improvement of the standards of 114 Tibetan medicine varieties (medicinal materials and finished drugs), of which Tibet will undertake the improvement of the standards of 51 Tibetan medicine varieties

it is understood that by the end of 2009, people in the pharmaceutical industry in the region said that the number of product manufacturers had grown to 20, including 18 Tibetan drug manufacturers. They have 8 agent production lines, including pills, powders, capsules, granules, mixtures, ointments, patches, whether the interfaces are loose, film agents, etc., and all of them have passed the mechanical property test of all seamless steel pipes, which are subject to the national GMP certification, It produces more than 140 kinds of Tibetan medicine varieties, such as the new generation of functional co extruded wood plastic products of Helong wood plastic

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