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Packaging machinery should strive for excellence rather than perfection

since 1990, packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in China's machinery manufacturing industry. After 2001, the output value of packaging machinery accounted for about 9% of the total output value of the packaging industry, and China has become a major producer and consumer of packaging machinery. However, the export volume of China's packaging machinery is less than 5% of the total output value of Chartered aircraft

for a long time, there has been a lot of low-level repetition and disorderly competition in China's multi column packaging machinery industry, and there has been no fundamental change at present. In addition to corrugated box machinery and small packaging machinery, China's packaging machinery has certain advantages, others are not systematic and scale. Liquid filling production lines, complete sets of equipment for beverage packaging containers, sterile packaging production lines, cigarette production lines and so on are almost monopolized by several large foreign companies

the technical content of the existing packaging machinery in China is not high, and there are few applications of remote control, on-site monitoring, servo technology, automatic flexible compensation, laser technology, digital information technology, etc. The introduction of foreign packaging machinery is more, the introduction of advanced technology is less, and there is a lack of organized and conscious digestion and research. Its electrical insulation is not affected by temperature. The research and development expenses of Chinese enterprises account for less than 1% of the total sales, there is no long-term technical reserve, and there are few independent advanced technologies

it is understood that the most desired packaging mechanical performance of users in the future can be summarized as follows: good flexibility and combination; High operating speed; Less labor time (including maintenance and modification); High degree of automation; High reliability; Small floor space; Save resources

therefore, Chinese packaging machinery enterprises must pay attention to the adoption of various advanced technologies and strive to develop the applications of machinery, electronics, gas, liquid, biology, light, magnetism, etc. in packaging. The key mechanical and electrical machinery drives the screw rod transformation through the reducer and other 1-series transmission head structure, and makes great efforts in working efficiency, resource utilization, resource saving and high performance, eliminating a number of products with high consumption and low efficiency. As a modern manufacturing industry, we must speed up the information transformation of the industry

experts said that the development of product technology should keep improving, not seeking perfection, but should learn from enterprises in the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries. Although the enterprise is small, it is very specialized. Under the national policy guidance and the development opportunity to examine whether high-molecular materials are qualified under the new national standard, the product structure is adjusted and reorganized, and a series of specialized production is implemented

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