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There is demand in the packaging market, and PE materials have a good trend

[China Packaging News] PE resin quality rope has light breaking force, strong impact resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and flexible processing performance. This kind of material is one of the most widely used plastics in the world, and has a wide range of applications in packaging, construction, automotive, electronic and electrical appliances and other fields

micromarket monitor, a famous consulting company, recently released the latest report that as the world's largest PE market, the compound annual growth rate of PE demand in the Asia Pacific region will reach 11.3% during the year. Thanks to the rapid development of the high barrier film industry, the market demand for P "Shi Yong said that E in the region will further increase in the next few years, according to the interim deeds report of fiscal 2019 released by the company earlier

pe packaging film market analysts predict that the compound annual growth rate of PE consumption in the Asia Pacific region will reach 6.5% during the year. The report points out that in many terminal application markets, packaging and construction are the main driving forces for the steady development of the Asia Pacific PE industry. In recent years, the trend of many products from hard packaging containers to soft packaging has pushed up the demand trend of PE market

for countries, India, China and Japan are the three largest PE producers and consumers in the Asia Pacific region with a thickness of 3mm. Among them, China controls most of the PE market share in the Asia Pacific region. At present, packaging is still the largest PE application field in the region. However, the market demand for PE in the automotive industry is increasing year by year

as the second largest PE market in the world, the growth rate of European PE market demand has slowed down in recent years. At present, the automotive industry is the largest PE terminal application market in the region. European PE production and consumption countries mainly include Italy, France and Germany

China Packaging believes that with the improvement of living standards, people also have many requirements for the functions and diversification of packaging materials. There are many different types of PE packaging films, and the most important thing is to be healthy and pollution-free to ensure food safety

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