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Packaging machinery supplier alliance is imperative

China's packaging machinery industry has developed since the reform and opening up. Due to its late start, most of it is developed through the digestion and absorption of imported equipment. The industry has grown from scratch, from small to large, and gradually developed and expanded

with the rapid development of China's food industry, packaging industry and agriculture, China's packaging food machinery industry has achieved remarkable development, and the number of product varieties is increasing, making the packaging and food machinery industry a new industry that directly serves the improvement of people's quality of life, the packaging industry and food industry, and the deep processing industry of agriculture and agricultural and sideline products, and one of the top ten industries of China's machinery industry

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, higher requirements are put forward for the packaging of commodities. Where there are commodities, there are packaging. It can be said that the packaging industry plays an important role in the development of the overall structure of the national economy. Packaging machinery products are widely used in various industries, such as food, medicine, chemical industry, military industry and so on. It is called a sunrise industry

in recent years, China's packaging machinery industry has achieved rapid development, but according to relevant data, compared with industrial developed countries, China's food packaging machinery products lack 25% - 30%, and the technical level is 15-25 years behind. Experts predict that in the future, China's packaging machinery market will move towards the trend of development, increasing technical content and specialization of parts production. The packaging machinery supplier alliance plays a catalytic role in the rapid development of this trend

definition and purpose of packaging machinery supplier alliance

alliance is unity and cooperation. Supplier alliance is the unity and cooperation of equipment manufacturers to provide customers with one-stop purchase services to meet their needs. The packaging machinery supplier alliance is a comprehensive platform. In addition to its strong industrial nature, it includes packaging machinery manufacturers, packaging machinery products and packaging technology, which play the decisive role of the market in resource allocation. It contains the information of manufacturers in the packaging machinery industry, the information of packaging machinery products and related technologies, so that users can choose suitable partners and research and development technologies at will, so as to promote the development of the packaging machinery industry

in addition, alliances can also weaken the competitiveness of overseas markets. In 2003, the import of China's packaging industry was close to 20billion yuan, of which the import of packaging machinery accounted for a large part. Another phenomenon that cannot be ignored is that the import of packaging machinery accounts for 50% - 60% of domestic packaging machinery and equipment. It can be seen that the domestic packaging machinery industry is at stake, and the establishment of the alliance is imperative

the packaging machinery supplier alliance is sponsored by China packaging standards, which is built by the Packaging Machinery Subcommittee of the national packaging Standardization Technical Committee. The packaging machinery supplier alliance is to develop a strong industrial alliance collaboration group, apply the products of packaging machinery suppliers and the technology of Chinese packaging standards, and better serve customers

now many customers have such requirements. They want to get help after 3 p.m. on the 21st to configure a complete production line. The packaging machinery supplier alliance is to provide them with such a platform so that customers can further understand their own needs and solve them by themselves. Although the machinery supplier alliance does not have its own products, it brings together better enterprises and their products in the industry. Recommend good mechanical equipment manufacturers on the platform of Chinese packaging standards, give customers more choices and give them some suggestions at the same time, choose the products of medium and high-class enterprises while considering the cost performance, and put forward a set of perfect plans to help customers configure a complete production line, which is the ultimate goal of the packaging machinery supplier alliance

significance of the implementation of packaging machinery supplier alliance

1 Machinery suppliers are established on the basis of customer needs

due to the increasing demand for packaging, more and more industries need packaging machinery. In addition, some industries, such as the GMP certification of medicine and the market access system of food and cosmetics industry, have put forward the requirements for automatic packaging of goods to eliminate cross pollution, which makes the demand for packaging machinery soar

but customers often encounter difficulties when looking for packaging machinery. Where to find it, whether there is a suitable product, and which one is reliable? What is the name of the required packaging machine? Whether it can meet the needs of such a series of problems led to customers looking for a needle in a haystack, and the result is not necessarily to find a suitable product to configure the production line

if the packaging machinery supplier alliance is used, such problems can be easily solved, such as finding suitable machinery suppliers conveniently and quickly. Customers need Chinese packaging standards to provide some good enterprise products for them to choose from, and these medium and high-class enterprises also have the obligation to meet the needs of customers. It can be said that the supply and demand sides are mutually beneficial through the packaging machinery supplier alliance

2 integration of industry resources

it is difficult to integrate resources in any industry, especially in the packaging machinery industry, where manufacturers are relatively scattered. It is much easier to do this on the Internet. Establishing a supplier alliance in the packaging machinery industry can integrate this widely distributed industry, which is not only convenient for customers to query, but also convenient for communication between suppliers

some technology development depends on the joint development of technical units or enterprises. After industry integration, there is a greater opportunity for technological development

3. Authority

packaging machinery supplier alliance is sponsored by China packaging standards. Chinese packaging standards are built by the packaging machinery sub committee of the National Packaging Standards Technical Committee. Relying on strong technical advantages and based on a large number of real data and product information obtained in the process of standard research, the integration of such a resource is highly authoritative, scientific and progressiveness

services enjoyed by members of the packaging machinery supplier alliance

1 The products of the franchise members have the opportunity to be recommended to domestic and foreign customers with the main recommended products

when the customer inquires about a product, the products of the members of the packaging machinery alliance will be recommended to the customer. Such a scheme can promote the production and sales of products and bring benefits to the members of the packaging machinery alliance

2. Franchise members have the opportunity to be recommended to draft standards

if the participating member companies want to draft standards and pass the examination, they have priority. The enterprises drafting the standards are the backbone enterprises in the industry, representing the progressiveness of the industry

3. Preferred to be recommended for technical cooperation with foreign countries

the alliance is also international oriented. Some foreign packaging machinery technology advanced enterprises often seek cooperative production through me, and the joining members can be recommended first

4. Obtain industry information in time

China packaging standards will release the latest information of industry information to alliance members in time

5. Included in the list of enterprises in packaging machinery

the enterprise directory of packaging machinery will collect the information of some backbone enterprises, such as products, contact information, etc. such information will cause the test piece to zigzag around the selected circular axis. It is a valuable publicity in the industry, and the members who join the supplier alliance will be recorded in the directory

6. Have the right to enjoy all kinds of information, publicity and advertising support provided by the company

7. Exhibitors are preferred

in the future, the members of the packaging machinery alliance have the priority to participate in the exhibitions hosted or co organized by China Packaging Standard

and obtain the publicity of China Packaging Standard

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