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The packaging machinery industry needs to deepen the process of intensive transformation

the gap between China's packaging equipment and international advanced packaging equipment is related to the economic environment in which the reliability of products can be greatly increased through immediate and necessary improvement in China in the past 30 years. Our labor force is abundant and cheap, and we do not pay enough attention to the protection of energy and environment. The economic development model is rough and extensive

in such an environment, the main requirement of enterprises for packaging equipment is to keep the price as low as possible on the premise of meeting the production requirements. This is because packaging enterprises can obtain enough manpower and resources to make up for the lack of low automation and low equipment

moreover, most operators of packaging enterprises only consider the short-term operation, do not think much about the long-term operation cost of the enterprise, and do not have strict requirements on the six points mentioned above. This urges the packaging machinery manufacturers to reduce the product cost as much as possible when producing packaging machines, and adopt low-cost parts to improve the price competitiveness of products. Although the price of such equipment is low, relevant developers claim that this 3D printing can print various types of biological materials through a fully integrated system. In the long-term use process of packaging enterprises, it will lead to the increase of many operating costs, such as spare parts procurement, energy consumption, maintenance, energy loss inspection, system upgrade, personnel training and so on

with the development of China's economy, the mode of operation is changing from extensive to intensive. Government management departments are putting forward higher requirements for energy consumption and environmental protection. The cost of human resources in China is increasing year by year, and the evaluation of enterprise management will become more reasonable. The overall operating cost (TCO) of an enterprise will be considered as an important indicator

therefore, "he said that packaging machinery manufacturers should see this trend and gradually design and produce automatic and intelligent packaging equipment that is flexible, efficient, environment-friendly, energy-saving and easy to maintain. Only based on high-quality products can enterprises achieve good development and the overall level of China's packaging equipment be improved

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