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The packaging machinery industry needs to break through the siege and take the road of internationalization. Actively expanding the international market is one of the key goals of the growing domestic packaging machinery industry. However, how to break through the siege of foreign enterprises and win the market with technology and strength is an urgent problem for the industry

the international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the general ability of packaging machinery and the whole packaging system. Therefore, the production specialization of packaging machinery parts is the inevitable trend of development. At present, the small and all-round, large and all-round pattern of China's charter industry is very incompatible with the development trend of specialization. This unreasonable overall structure of enterprises should be adjusted as soon as possible

China's packaging machinery industry has a small number of supporting products, lack of high-precision and large-scale products, and can not meet the market demand; The product quality gap is manifested in low product performance, poor stability and reliability, and unsightly appearance, which affects the quality of the overall product; The domestic packaging machinery industry lacks leading enterprises, and there are few enterprises with large production scale and high-grade products; It is still basically in the testing and imitation stage, with weak self-development ability and lack of pilot bases for scientific research and production

insiders pointed out that while how to break through the siege and innovate and develop the packaging machinery industry, we should call on the relevant specialized supporting industries to continue to improve and expand, and give greater support to the packaging machinery industry. Only in this way can the whole industry chain develop healthily and produce large-scale complete sets of high-precision and professional production, which can also be used for the experimental line of compressive strength of other non-metallic materials, so as to meet the huge demand for packaging machinery in China and the world in the future

experts said that some packaging machine industries in China should change the situation of low technology content as soon as possible, learn from foreign advanced technology, and develop and produce large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency, low consumption and the right production and marketing. Develop suitable packaging equipment according to national conditions, accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery, and further develop domestic and international markets

at present, the main task of China's packaging industry is to develop new equipment, gradually narrow the gap with foreign enterprises, change the development mode of enterprises, examine and solve the above contradictions and problems from a new starting point, change the development concept, strengthen independent innovation, enhance market awareness, and further promote the development of enterprises under the guidance of the scientific concept of development

the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy are currently the leading countries in the field of packaging machinery. Domestic enterprises must clearly recognize the gap between them, actively improve the technical level and find ways to break through

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