China will introduce new regulations to encourage

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China will introduce new regulations to encourage carbon emissions trading

the Tianjin conference of the United Nations International Negotiation on climate change specially set up a small-scale side meeting on the development of China's carbon market. In response to the on-site side meeting, on October 6, the "high level Forum on the future path of China's carbon market" opened in Tianjin. The technical parameters of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by market means: realizing low-carbon development has become a focus topic

according to the introduction, at present, China mainly has three carbon emission trading institutions, including Beijing environmental energy exchange, Shanghai environmental energy lithium resource exploration and development activities are becoming more and more active, such as the exchange and Tianjin emission rights exchange. Suncuihua, deputy director of the climate change Department of the national development and Reform Commission, said that the national development and Reform Commission will issue the Interim Measures for the administration of voluntary emission reduction transactions as soon as possible, establish a voluntary carbon emissions trading registration system, and encourage and support qualified regions and industries to explore carbon emissions trading

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