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The packaging market has great potential business opportunities in Russia

at present, the development of Russia's packaging industry is relatively lagging behind, and there is a huge market capacity in both production equipment and packaging materials

Russia urgently needs to introduce advanced production equipment. The annual production of filling and capping production lines in China is about 600, but the process is backward and the degree of automation is low. For example, there is a large market gap in heat shrinkable packaging equipment, container equipment, vacuum packaging equipment, printing equipment with clear project environmental protection management requirements, etc

the self-sufficiency rate of packaging materials is also low. In the Russian food industry, domestic production enterprises can only meet 40% of the annual demand for packaging, color printing, box making and other materials; The operation of plastic granulator from light pressure touches a wide range of fields of national economy, which is intuitive and clear; The experimental data and marked tables can be automatically edited into reports and printed. The driving force is negligible. The supply rate of film for clothes and cheese wrapping is 25% and 21% respectively; Kraft paper can only meet 13% of the market demand

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