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The simulated questions of the first-class constructor qualification examination for mechanical and electrical installation engineering

the examination time is 240 minutes, with a total of 160 points (including 40 points for multiple-choice questions and 120 points for case analysis), 96 points for the passing standard in 2004. 1. Single choice (a total of 20 questions, and there is only one symbol in each of the alternatives) 1. The advantage of worm gear is (). A. Large axial force B. large transmission ratio C. large pressure angle D. one way transmission 2. When the circuit is under load, there is () conversion between electric energy and other energy. A. Normal B, impossible C, abnormal D, overload 3. When choosing the hoisting method, we must first consider (). A. Economy B, construction progress C, safety D, orderliness 4. Equipment unpacking and inventory work is (). A. After delivery to the site, B. the general contractor is responsible for jointly carrying out with the owner or supplier C. count the quantity according to the packing list D. carry out quality inspection according to the technical documents 5. The key points of basic inspection, () is incorrect. A. Check the concrete ratio, concrete curing and concrete strength B. if there is doubt about the strength of the equipment foundation, retest the strength of the foundation; C. The appearance inspection of the foundation mainly inspects whether there are honeycomb, pitted surface, etc. D. the foundation settlement test is a kind of strength test, which should be carried out on all foundations. 6. The low-pressure pipeline of industrial pipeline refers to the pipeline with working pressure (). A. 0 < P ≤ 1MPa b.0 < P ≤ 1.2MPa c.0 < P ≤ 1.6Mpa d.0 < P ≤ 2.5MPa 7. After the boiler drying and boiling is qualified, the rat guard shall be closed in time according to the specification 1. The tightness test shall be carried out. After it is qualified, the safety valve shall be finally adjusted according to the specification requirements, and it shall be locked or lead sealed immediately. Then run the boiler with load () hours. A. 24 b.36 c.48 d.72 8. The covering material of non-metallic composite duct must be (). A. Inflammable materials B. any materials C. non combustible materials D. non combustible materials 9. The general design of construction organization of electromechanical installation engineering will be disclosed in (). A. After the formal commencement of the project, B. after the general design of construction organization is approved, C. after the preparation of the general design of construction organization is completed, D. before the formal signing of the project contract, 10. The materials entering the site shall be filled in and submitted to () for approval. A. Contractor b2 Regardless of the hardware reasons of the material testing machine, human factors can be considered. Supplier C. supervisor D. employer 11. Lifting, transportation of large pieces, high-altitude operation, underground operation, trial operation of large equipment and other high-risk operations, special work environment shall also be carried out (). A. Construction organization design disclosure B. construction technical disclosure C. safety technical disclosure D. design technical disclosure 12. After the preparation of the engineering equipment procurement list, it can be submitted for procurement after () reconsideration and confirmation. A. Chief engineer of the project B. project manager C. owner or its entrusting party D. equipment manufacturer 13. Before the commencement of elevator installation, inform the special equipment safety supervision and Management Department of the municipality directly under the central government or the city divided into districts in the form of (), otherwise the construction cannot be carried out. A. Oral B.C. fax D. written documents 14. The acceptance of electromechanical installation works can be divided into two stages: preliminary acceptance and (). A. Half way acceptance B. completion acceptance C. early acceptance D. late acceptance 15. The completion settlement of electromechanical installation works is prepared by (). A. General contractor B, construction company C, construction company D, audit company 16. Do you collect the construction technical documents of the outsourced installation project from (). A. Construction preparation B. contract signing C. official commencement D. bidding 17. The optimization method for the design of the general construction plan does not include () A. the overall domestic raw material demand for site allocation is expected to remain stable optimization method &nb

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