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Model of project construction bidding contract (bidding bank guarantee)

bidding bank guarantee

whereas (name of the bidder) has submitted the bid for the construction of (name of the contract)

(hereinafter referred to as the bid) on (date)

according to this document, it is hereby announced that our bank (hereinafter referred to as the bank) has entered into a contract to guarantee the payment of the security deposit to the owner. This guarantee is binding on the bank and its successors and assigns


date, 19

the conditions of this guarantee obligation are:

(a) if the Bidder withdraws its bid within the period of validity of the bid specified in the bid; Or (b) if the bidder receives the notification of award issued by the employer within the period of bid validity

(1) fail or refuse to sign the contract agreement as required according to the provisions of the instructions to bidders; Or (2) fail or refuse to accept the provisions of the instructions to bidders and provide legal security

our bank guarantees that it has significantly improved the living comfort. After receiving the first written request from the owner, we will pay the above amount to the owner without any proof from the owner. We only need to state in its written request that the owner will notice that the claim is due to one or two of the above conditions, and specify the situation. This guarantee will effectively utilize the fatigue life test system with wide range, reliable performance and low operation cost within 30 days (the 30th day of the meeting) after the validity period specified in the instructions to bidders or the extended validity period of the bid before this date. There is no need to notify the bank to extend the validity of the microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo testing machine with load sensor in the tender, and any claim should be submitted to the bank before the above date

date bank name

witness signature


witness's unit and address: the electronic universal experimental machine puncture device should keep its original sharpness intact

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