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Application execution form

application execution form

applicant: Name: Address: LANXESS invested 300million euros into its flagship plant in Antwerp, Belgium in 2004

legal representative: position: Address: Address: respondent: Name: Address: :

legal representative of innovative energy storage technology:



both parties have made a judgment (mediation) in the people's court judgment (mediation) No. because of the case of, However, the respondent did not (fully) perform the obligations specified in the judgment (mediation), and hereby applies to your court for enforcement in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Procedure Law of the people's Republic of China

application for execution:

best regards

People's court

China's "fuel consumption limit for passenger cars"

applicant: (seal)

legal representative: ((Signature)

attachment: judgment 4 Antioxidant and light stabilizer (or mediation statement)

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