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Model contract for the use of International (non exclusive) trademarks

Party A (licensor):____________________________________

address:____________ Mail code: __________:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________

Party B (licensee):____________________________________

address:____________ Mail code: __________:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________

both parties of this contract on____________ Year____________ Month____________ Signed and effective on the day of, the contracting parties are (name) (licensor), (place name of the company), its main business office (address), and (name) (licensee), (place name of the company), its main business office (address)

first definition

1 "Products" (or "services") refer to goods (or services) (described in special terms that are necessary and appropriate to the actual situation of this license), which are associated with the trademarks that the Licensor is using and the licensee will use

2. "Licensed Trademarks" means (identifying the trademark being licensed), as shown in Appendix A

Article 2 background note

with regard to its products, the Licensor has selected and is using this licensed trademark, which has been registered or has applied for registration, as shown in Appendix B

the Licensor has spent a lot of time, energy and financial resources to obtain and maintain a unique good reputation of selling its high-quality goods with the licensed trademark

the licensee recognizes the value and validity of this licensed trademark and hopes to obtain a non exclusive license from the Licensor

the Licensor is willing to grant the Licensee a non exclusive license of the licensed trademark

Article 3 authorization; Ownership

1 In accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement, the licensor grants the Licensee a non exclusive license to use the Licensed Trademarks in the manufacture and sale of the products fully described in Appendix C

2. The license granted in paragraph 1 of Article 3 is limited (specify the products produced in the factory or place limited by the licensee and sold with the licensed trademark)

3. The license granted in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 3 is limited to the geographical scope (specifically, the geographical scope within which the licensee provides goods or services to third parties and branches or other relevant companies with the licensed trademark)

4. The license granted in accordance with Article 3.1 does not give the Licensee the right to let others manufacture products for it. (if such a right is granted, that is, the licensee can let affiliated or related companies manufacture products for it, or sub license to a third party, such a right should be specially stipulated)

5. The licensee confirms the ownership of the licensed trademark of the Licensor, guarantees to respect and maintain this ownership, and guarantees not to damage the reputation and interests of the Licensor in the use of the licensed trademark. The licensee understands and agrees that this Agreement does not grant the licensee any other rights, qualifications or interests except the right to use the licensed trademark specified in this agreement. The licensee has no doubt about the ownership of the Licensed Trademarks by the Licensor or the validity of this agreement

Article 4 license period; Rights and obligations after termination

1 If it is not terminated in advance as required, the license granted here will continue from the effective date_______ Year

2. In case of large-scale and high-performance light alloy materials, high-precision copper and copper alloy materials, new rare/rare precious metal materials, high-quality powder metallurgy Refractory Metal materials and cemented carbide, the Licensor has the right to terminate this agreement, but needs to notify the Licensee in writing 30 days in advance; The licensee violates the material terms of this Agreement; The licensee is declared bankrupt or definitely insolvent; The licensee appoints a receiver or trustee to occupy its assets or the government authorities seize the Licensee's property; The licensee conducts auction or sale; The licensee merges with other enterprises

3. Termination of the agreement

a the license granted here to re energize the switching power supply shall be terminated as required

b after the termination of the agreement, the Licensee shall not advertise or sell any goods, advertise or provide any services, retain any business name, or carry out other activities in the name of the licensed trademark or any similar trademark that is prone to confusion

C after the termination of the agreement, the company has doubled its sales and profits in each of the five years. The licensee should stop all activities that it believes it has the right to use the licensed trademark and all activities that it believes it is associated with the Licensor; Except in case the Licensor terminates the license due to the Licensee's breach of the agreement, the licensee can supply the order received before the termination date as usual

Article 5 remuneration

1 The parties confirm that the provisions of the agreement on remuneration are sufficient and appropriate

2. After the effective date of this Agreement________ Within days (e.g. 10 days), the Licensee shall pay the Licensor____________ Dollars

3. The Licensee agrees to pay royalties for the use of the Licensed Trademarks in the promotion of products (services), and the royalties shall be _uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu calculation. Pay before the 15th day of each month, and calculate the royalties based on the total sales of the previous month. When declaring the total sales of the previous month, the user fee of the previous month shall be paid. The total sales volume shall not include surtax, business tax or other taxes collected by the Licensee from customers. Because these taxes are only added to the product price and collected by the licensee and paid to the government

Article 6 financial accounts

the Licensee shall make complete and accurate records of the sales of goods (or services) related to the use of the licensed trademark and keep them properly. The sole purpose is to determine whether the payment of royalties has been correctly performed in accordance with this agreement. The Licensor or its representative shall have the right to review the accounts of the Licensee at an appropriate time and during normal business hours, and the review fee shall be borne by the Licensor itself. If the error is found to be more than 5% (calculated according to the total sales volume of the report), the Licensee shall compensate the Licensor for all the review expenses, including travel expenses, board expenses, accommodation expenses and the salary of the reviewers sent by the Licensor

Article 7 quality standards and maintenance; Trademark usage

1 The manufacture, promotion and sales of all goods using the licensed trademark must be in line with the products provided by the Licensor with a lower import level

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