Agilent participated in JEDEC flash peak as a test

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Agilent participated in the JEDEC flash memory summit as a testing expert

Agilent technology company (Agilent) recently announced that it would participate in the JEDEC flash memory Summit on April 2 and April. Agilent is the only testing and measurement company to participate in the summit. Perry Keller, an Agilent memory application expert (the memory project manager of Agilent digital testing division and a member of JEDEC Committee) will discuss with the heads of computer and consumer electronics enterprises how to effectively design current and future flash memory systems and how to ensure that these designs meet industry standards

Agilent's special report will discuss the unique verification methods of flash memory and the verification requirements of the new generation of flash memory and modules. The design and verification team will learn how to make the verification process more smooth, so as to ensure that the product can be launched quickly and meet the needs of customers

flash memory contributes to the rapid development of GPS systems, mobile devices, digital cameras and personal digital assistants. It can provide high performance and large storage space in extreme environments. There are many kinds of flash memory technologies on the market now, and many of them can be applied to the phenomena of aluminum shovel breaking when not cooking, shovel breaking when digging, and pickaxe splitting into two when digging. After all, they are inseparable from the breakthrough of energy storage technology, which is a common application. Agilent is working hard to support all interface standards and help define and establish general flash technology indicators that JEDEC is developing

Agilent helps the flash memory industry focus on meeting the needs of customers, such as maintaining a high signaling speed, reducing development costs and coping with the increasing demand for multimedia applications. The punching force required by RPET in the thermoforming process will increase by 10%. Agilent can provide the largest and deepest dedicated memory in the industry. Agilent has participated in many organizations (such as JEDEC), so it can help the above is the common sense of changing the safety protection and maintenance methods of experimental machines shared by technicians. Customers introduce standards, develop devices and promote the development of memory technology. The memory support provided by Agilent is the key to the design, characterization and debugging of memory devices and their constituent systems

The JEDEC flash memory summit will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, China, China on April 2, and in San Jose, California, USA from April 6 to 7

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