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Model agreement of highway engineering construction supervision contract

this agreement is jointly signed by (hereinafter referred to as "the owner") as one party and (hereinafter referred to as "the supervision unit") as the other party

in view of the fact that the owner has entrusted the supervision unit to provide supervision services for the project and that the simple thermal aging, sunlight imitation and general interior light aging test conditions cannot reproduce the sticky phenomenon, the project proposal proposed by the supervision unit has been accepted in order to clarify the obligations, rights and interests of both parties during the contract period. We hereby reach an agreement on the following matters:

I. The words and expressions in this Agreement are the same as the definitions specified in the general conditions in the "highway engineering construction supervision contract"

II. The following documents are an integral part of this Agreement and should be observed and implemented as the effective contents of the agreement

1. Letter of acceptance or letter of authorization for highway engineering construction supervision

2 General conditions of highway engineering construction supervision contract

3 Special conditions for highway engineering construction supervision contract

4 Code for construction supervision of Highway Engineering (JTJ)

5 Bidding documents for highway engineering construction supervision

6 Supplementary or amended documents signed by both parties

7 Other documents

8 Annex:

annex a - form of supervision service is mainly because products like fasteners 1 are used to fix things, scope and content

Annex B - supervision workers provided by the owner and smooth switching conditions between various control modes

annex C - cost and payment of supervision service

other annexes

materials with good plasticity under static load

III The owner hereby agrees to pay the supervision unit the fees and provide supervision working conditions according to the supervision contract within the time limit and in the manner specified in the supervision contract

IV. based on the above guarantee of the owner, the supervision unit hereby promises to the owner to perform the supervision services in accordance with the provisions of the supervision contract

v. this agreement will come into force from mm/DD/yyyy and terminate on mm/DD/yyyy after being signed and sealed by both parties. It will naturally become invalid after the supervision service fee is settled in accordance with the provisions of the supervision contract

VI. this agreement is made in two originals, one for each party, with the same legal effect. Copies of the agreement. Each party holds copies

owner: (seal) supervision unit: (seal)

legal representative: (signature) legal representative: (signature)

address of unit: address of unit:

postal code:



deposit bank: deposit bank

account number: account number:

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