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Model contract for construction engineering design

construction unit (Party A):____________________________

address:____________ Postal code____________

legal representative:____________ Position____________

design unit (Party B):____________________________

address:____________ Postal code____________

legal representative:____________ Position____________

in order to clarify the division of labor and cooperate to jointly complete the design task of the construction project, according to________ After full negotiation between Party A and Party B, this contract is hereby signed for mutual compliance

Article 1

Party A entrusts Party B to undertake____________ The design project of the project, with a construction and installation area of________ Square meters, the total approved investment is________ Ten thousand yuan. The construction site is ______

Article 2 obligations of party a

1 Party A shall________ Year____ Month____ Submit to Party B the design assignment, project site selection report, agreement documents on raw materials (or approved resource report), fuel, water, electricity, transportation, etc., survey data that can meet the preliminary design requirements, and technical data obtained through scientific research, which have been approved by the superior. Party A is in____ Year____ Month____ Before the design of construction drawings, the approved preliminary design documents and survey data that can meet the design requirements of construction drawings should be provided. The selection of matching aluminum alloy connector connection solutions consistent with the cable performance is the fundamental place that ultimately reflects the utilization value of aluminum alloy cables, construction conditions, and technical data of relevant equipment

party a must guarantee the quality of the above materials and shall not change them at will

2. Handle the approval of design documents in each design stage in time

3. Before the commencement of the project, Party A shall organize relevant construction units, and Party B shall carry out design and technical disclosure; After the completion of the project, Party A shall notify Party B to participate in the completion acceptance

4. When the input value of designers will account for 1.5% of the world's total output value of composite materials, when entering the construction site for work, Party A shall provide necessary working conditions and provide convenience in life. During the design and construction process, due to the special needs of technology, Party A shall be responsible for all costs and travel expenses to cooperate with Party A to other places

5. Party a must maintain Party B's design documents and shall not modify them without permission. Without Party B's consent, Party A shall not copy, reuse or expand the construction scope without permission. Party A is obliged to protect Party B's design copyright and shall not transfer it to a third party for reuse

Article 3 obligations of Party B

1 Party B must________ Year____ Month____ Deliver the preliminary design documents to Party A before the th day; In________ Year____ Month____ 7. It has over-current, over-voltage, under current, under voltage and other protection; The trip is protected by program-controlled limit, limit limit and software limit, and the technical design documents are delivered to Party A; In________ Year____ Month____ Deliver the construction drawing design documents to Party A before the th. Among them, the preliminary design documents are in duplicate____ Copies, technical design style__ Copies of construction drawing design documents____ If Party A needs to add more copies of documents and models, it will be charged separately

________ Year____ Month____ Party B must submit all design documents (including budget documents, material and equipment lists) to Party A before the th

(for large-scale construction and installation projects, Party A and Party B can design in stages according to the specific situation. When the design conditions are met, both parties sign a stage design contract, which specifically stipulates the name and date of the design data of each stage that Party A should submit, and the date of Party B's delivery of the design documents, as annexes to this contract. See Annex (2) for details

2. Party B must propose survey technical requirements and design according to the approved design specification or the approval documents of the previous stage design, as well as relevant design technical agreement documents, design standards, technical specifications, procedures, quotas, etc., and submit design documents that meet the quality

3. After the preliminary design is reviewed by the superior competent department, Party B shall be responsible for the necessary modifications within the scope of the original assignment

4. The design unit shall cooperate with the construction of the construction project for which it undertakes the design task, carry out technical disclosure before construction, solve relevant design problems during construction, be responsible for design changes and budget modifications, and participate in the acceptance of concealed works and project completion acceptance

Article 4 modification and stop of design

1 If Party A requires to modify the design of the project for some reason, with the consent of Party B, unless the delivery time of the design documents is otherwise determined, Party A shall rework and modify the work days according to the actual rework and modification work days of Party B________ An additional design fee of RMB (or calculated according to the percentage of rework in the design stage)

2. If there is a major change in the original assignment and the design is reworked or modified, a written opinion from the design approval authority or the approval authority of the design assignment shall be provided, and a separate contract shall be signed after negotiation between both parties. The payment of the design cost that has been carried out shall be calculated according to the method in the preceding article

3. When Party A requests to stop the design in the middle of the process for some reason, it shall timely notify Party B in writing, and the paid design fee shall not be refunded, and the design fee shall be increased and settled according to the actual working days in this stage, and the contract relationship shall be ended at the same time

Article 5 quantity and delivery method of design fee

after the effectiveness of this design contract____ Within days, Party A shall pay Party B a deposit equivalent to 20% of the design fee. After the performance of the design contract, the deposit shall be used as the design fee; After Party B submits the preliminary design scheme to Party A____ Within days, Party A shall pay Party B ___% Design fee; After Party B submits the construction drawing documents to Party A____ Within days, Party A shall settle all design fees from Party B (for large-scale engineering projects with a long design cycle, the design fees at the construction drawing stage can be allocated separately after the completion of single project design)

Article 6 reward and breach of contract

1 Within the reasonable project investment control number, if Party B saves the project investment due to the use of advanced technology or reasonable suggestions, it shall withdraw _u__% from the saved investment Reward Party B

2. Due to Party A's failure to provide relevant design materials on time and accurately, which makes Party B unable to design or cause design rework, Party B can postpone the delivery date of the design documents, and Party A shall pay Party B the actual loss of working days per day________ Yuan to calculate the additional design fee

3. If Party A fails to pay the deposit and design fee to Party B within the time specified in the contract, it shall pay liquidated damages to Party B in accordance with the bank's provisions on deferred payment

4. Due to the delay of the delivery time of the design documents due to Party B, the pressure testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory is mainly used for building engineering materials____ Within days, Party B shall pay Party A _u__% of the design fee

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