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Entrusted development contract (3) model text

entrusted development contract

Party A entrusts Party B to develop the device, and hereby agrees on the following contract:

1. Development content: automatically control and record the temperature of two one ton fermentation tanks, two five ton fermentation tanks and two thirty ton fermentation tanks in the pharmaceutical workshop, and six sets of automatic temperature control devices are installed on a console

2. Technical requirements:

(1) under the conditions of cooling water temperature, gas supply temperature and air relative humidity of%, the fermentation tank is required to be automatically constant at the specified temperature during the whole fermentation process, and temperature measurement and monitoring are provided

(2) the console is set with manual adjustment while automatic adjustment

(3) the console is equipped with a temperature out of control limit alarm device (Bell and signal light)

(4) the console is equipped with automatic temperature recording and digital temperature display as temperature monitoring

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3. Trial production funds:

Party A provides Party B with a development fund of 10000 yuan. Party B shall complete the project in accordance with the agreement, technical indicators and progress requirements, and Party A shall pay an additional scientific research incentive fee of RMB. Party A also agrees to pay an additional cooperation incentive fee of RMB for each month in advance, and RMB for two months in advance

if Party B fails to complete the project on schedule,% of Party B's project fee will be deducted for each month of delay

Party A shall prepay the trial production funds after the agreement takes effect, and the rest shall be paid after the project acceptance

4. cooperation mode:

during the development process of Party B, Party A sends personnel to participate in the joint cooperation test. Party A is responsible for providing process flow and process parameters. Party B shall go to Party A's production site for debugging after the console is developed

5. Trial production progress:

the console will be completed by the end of the year, and then go to the production site for commissioning. The lmex index representing the overseas metal market closed at 3137.20 degrees, ending in the month of

6. Breach of contract

if Party B fails to perform the contract, it shall return the trial production funds prepaid by Party A. if Party A fails to perform the contract, it shall not recover the trial production funds prepaid to Party B and compensate Party B for the losses caused thereby

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7. Disputes and methods for resolving disputes:

8. Both parties have the following confidentiality obligations:

9. The development results belong to Party

10. If the development work fails or partially fails due to insurmountable technical reasons, party shall undertake it

Party A: signature and seal Party B: signature and seal

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