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How should structural designers use computers?

computers are substitutes for knowledge, experience and thinking. Throughout the world today, this very disturbing view is gradually spreading among structural engineers. People seem to be more and more willing to believe that computers enable them to make correct judgments about projects, without thinking about what necessary knowledge and experience would be needed for the same work without computers. The rapidly increasing percentage of engineers believe that the expertise to solve engineering problems is the expertise in how to use computers and the computer itself. In the field of structural engineering, the ability to use computers as proof of competence is spreading like an infectious disease. A large number of structural engineers do believe that they can "solve" engineering problems simply by relying on computers, without realizing that high-quality engineering can only be the product of a combination of profound engineering theoretical knowledge, a lot of experience, and hard mental work

the problem is that overemphasis on automation technology is at the cost of weakening practical knowledge, and overemphasis has also evolved into an excuse not to learn practical knowledge. From the perspective of education and practice, such an overemphasis on computers brings a wrong message to the vigorous young engineers. Engineering learning and engineering practice is to easily use menus and generate colorful pictures with computers

in the engineering design environment, the use of information to automatically clean the surface of experimental machines has a serious negative impact on automation technology. Information automation technology, like drugs, can easily induce the brain to believe its illusory safety, knowledge and ability. Before these automation technologies realize their real value, design engineers must not rely on computers, but use knowledge and experience to solve engineering problems. Unfortunately, we have become so dependent on computers that we are rapidly losing our skills to work without computers

when discussing problems with those who can "solve" engineering problems only by relying on computers, what kind of pain and frustration has a competent structural engineer not experienced? These people (don't confuse them with real Engineers) are no longer capable, or have never learned, and don't rely on computers to solve engineering problems. Fundamentally, they don't understand that computers can't record some skills about modeling, analysis and design. It can be said that computer programs are only discrete knowledge except for their fast computing speed. These people don't realize that knowledge has far exceeded the limits that limited computer instructions can program. Real engineering knowledge is a huge synthesis of experience, intuition, inspiration, comprehension, creativity, imagination and "cognition", which surpasses any computer program and programmer's "understanding" of structural engineering. On the contrary, these people believe that the world is a huge finite element model, and computers can and should automatically build models, analyze, complete designs, and print out the final results. What "engineers" can do is to distinguish specifications and needs, invoice customers, make profits, and quickly find new projects

in the future, only fewer and fewer engineers can find the correct solutions to structural engineering problems independently (that is, without relying on computers). This dependence on computers will bring great trouble. With the increasing dependence on computers, who will solve engineering problems? Are programmers with little or no structural engineering knowledge and practical experience, or programmers with other professional degrees rather than structural engineering degrees? Computers are not and will never be the source of solving engineering problems. Only qualified engineers can solve engineering problems correctly. If the structural engineers continue to create such an atmosphere, in the practice of structural engineering, they can solve most of the structural engineering problems by relying on computers first, rather than on the knowledgeable, innovative and experienced structural engineers themselves, then they are deceiving themselves and their clients

in today's real life, structural engineers further reduce the production cost of conventional fibers; Developing new fiber varieties has found a very effective and convenient way to serve customers. It does not need to spend a lot of time and money to learn or understand the details of structural engineering models, analysis and design. This "way" is computer. Engineers' current behavior conforms to the natural law of the universe, that is, to move forward with the lowest energy consumption. Now, more and more structural engineers' response to automation technology is to let the computer work and let themselves no longer worry about details

modern engineering has complex theoretical details, which can't be relied on by computer engineering at all, so that people can learn meaningful experience. The calculation range and speed of modern computers are too easy to make engineering design lifeless. Just ask, who can resist the feeling of excitement and relief - can solve thousands of equations without too much hardship? Who can resist the temptation to let automation technology "solve" engineering problems? Real structural engineers, who can work without computers, have such resistance. These real engineers see the essence. Computer is a very imperfect tool, which can only process a large amount of information. Most of the instructions executed at the speed of light are compiled by inexperienced programmers, and their reliability is questionable. In the calculation, for the inelastic deformation of the curved shell structure under the action of dynamic load, the incorrect results can also be displayed on the screen, and their isostress diagram also looks so pleasing. As a project leader, he Guoliang works with the company's employees. In this way, as long as you have the instructions of the computer software on your hand, you can use the computer to get the results. Or more convenient, just select the appropriate menu on the graphical user interface, and you will get the result. In fact, it would be more beneficial to "discuss how to analyze beams and columns by talking to each other and find out the closed solution by both hands"

some people may speculate that the above argument can only prove that the author of this paper is fundamentally anti computer, or he does not recognize the bright future of modern information technology, or he dismisses experts who use this technology in magical ideas. However, it is not just that. Even recognizing the potential of computers, engineers turn a blind eye to the dangers. Structural engineering is a profession that is critical of safety. Throughout the world, the characteristics of structures are determined by the quality of structural engineering design. Due to the use of computers in practice, more and more structures

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