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How Siemens tells stories after going to home appliances

"telling stories" is what multinational famous enterprises are good at. However, after Siemens withdrew from the home appliance industry, its product line deviated from the scope of public awareness, and brand marketing is no longer easy. Telling stories is what multinational companies are good at, but after Siemens withdrew from the home appliance industry, its product line deviated from the scope of public awareness, and brand marketing is no longer easy

more than a hundred years ago, Werner von Siemens, the founder of Siemens, believed that success is the best advertising. However, for today's Siemens company, the success of the product line is far from enough, and brand marketing is becoming more and more important

a person in charge of the communication department of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. told new finance that Siemens attaches great importance to brand communication. After the company withdrew from the household appliance industry, the communication direction of the company's value has changed

on September 22, 2014, Siemens sold its 50% shares of Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group (Bosch appliances) to Bosch Group for 3billion euros, which means that Siemens has no investment in home appliance business and bid farewell to the field of home appliances completely

Liu buchen, an observer in the household appliance industry, said that for consumers in the Chinese market, Siemens' image is more based on its household appliance products, such as washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, etc. after exiting the household appliance industry, ordinary consumers will not be able to evaluate its brand, and slowly, the popularity of Siemens' brand will decline

the reality of fierce competition and low profit margins in the home appliance industry has led some well-known European and American appliance manufacturers to prepare for transformation, gradually divest the home appliance business, and then focus on and increase the business areas with more lucrative profits. As for the vision of Siemens 2020, it is expressed that Siemens (China) will focus on the fields of electrification, automation and digital growth, with specific core businesses of energy, urban construction, industry and medical treatment

during the 2014 Shanghai Industrial Expo in November this year, Siemens put up large billboards near Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, and advertisements were also put up in industry media and professional journals at the same time. However, it is difficult to find traces of Siemens brand in traditional media. The above-mentioned head of Siemens (China) communication department said that this is the change of communication direction

Siemens still needs to tell a good story, especially in the Chinese market. Because China is Siemens' second largest overseas market after the United States, its business in China accounts for about 8% of the global business

on the official homepage of Siemens (China), a series of flash advertisements featuring Siemens' cooperation with China for 140 years are broadcast. One of them tells the story of a teacher in Tsingtao beer (40.81, -0.18, 2, performance characteristics -0.44%) workshop and a Siemens motor in the workshop from 1903 to 1995

it is obvious that Siemens needs to join hands with a local partner to spread enterprise value, and this partner should preferably be a well-known enterprise. On December 20 this year, the world's top stage drama Han show opened in Wuhan Central Cultural Zone. Siemens' motion control technology provided support for the operation of the stage screen, while Han show theater injected strong momentum into the new situation of high-quality transformation and development in Huaibei. The investment and builder of Han show theater is Wanda cultural industry group

Siemens has just emerged on the Chinese stage and is very lucky to be able to contribute to the world's largest stage project. Gu Hexiang, industry market development manager of the motion control business department of Siemens Digital Factory Group, said. In fact, hand in hand with Wanda is the win-win choice for Siemens to achieve business interests and brand communication

Wanda is well known by the public as the leader of commercial real estate. Wanda cultural industry group is the largest cultural enterprise in China. Public information shows that Wanda cultural industry group has a registered capital of 5billion yuan, assets of 44billion yuan, and revenue of 25.5 billion yuan in 2013. At present, the company is involved in many industries, such as cinema lines, film and television production, stage performance, theme parks, chain entertainment, newspapers and media

these industries are deeply related to Siemens' core business. More importantly, Wanda has a high reputation in the field of mass consumption, which can fill Siemens' shortcomings in brand mass communication. An electrical industry analyst said

the intimate relationship between Siemens and Wanda is more than that. The two sides also have strategic cooperation in building equipment automatic control, fire alarm system, intelligent lighting, building green energy saving, weak current system integration. The enterprise logo on the equipment in each Wanda Building is the space for Siemens to spread its brand

besides Wanda, Siemens also has other local tyrants. For example, Zhejiang Dafeng Industrial Co., Ltd., a seemingly low-key enterprise, actually accounts for 70% of the market share in China's large-scale stage projects. Most importantly, the company has a history of more than ten years as a system integrator of CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage projects

provide equipment and technical support for the party with the largest audience in the world, and its communication effect is obvious. At the 2014 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Siemens provided motion control and drive products for Zhejiang Dafeng's stage solutions, which enabled the five LED screens in the center of the stage to move synchronously, and staged a deformation show in the air, which could save 7% of fuel consumption

another local tyrant partner of Siemens is the famous American entertainment brand Disney Company

Siemens also uses Disney's brand effect to expand the Chinese market. The head of the communication department of Siemens (China) said that at present, Siemens is bidding for the construction of Shanghai Disneyland, which will open at the end of 2015, and may also participate in the renovation discussion of Hong Kong Disneyland

we need to tell our story with our partners. Said Russell OGA, alliance manager of Walt Disney

in fact, no brand is better at telling stories than Disney. Through the brand communication in Disney products, Siemens has created a warm and emotional corporate image and affected the youngest generation of audiences. These children may be the decision makers of the enterprise when they grow up. With their brand awareness of Siemens since childhood, they may be able to naturally become the users of Siemens products. Liu buchen said

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