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Sharing how to "join the fun"

sharing has gradually become a part of people's lives, ranging from Mazars and umbrellas to BMW cars. In particular, bike sharing has even changed the travel habits of some people. The problems caused by these shared products' larger 10 inch displays and on-board features are aside, but they actually make our life more convenient. In the agricultural field, the voice of "sharing" is also getting higher and higher. Therefore, shared agricultural machinery came into being in some areas

Dezhou Liwei machinery testing water sharing agricultural machinery attracted attention

in Dezhou, Shandong Province, fruit farmers friends saw sharing agricultural machinery. This shared agricultural machine is a crawler type remote control spraying robot. After scanning the code and paying the deposit, you can unlock the lock, and the agricultural machinery can work. The cost of using it is 200 yuan a day, which can spray pesticides on 25 mu of orchards

the local farmer friend calculated an account. If the pesticide was sprayed manually, it would take half a month for a 100 mu orchard, and the labor cost would be more than 2000 yuan. If you use this shared machine, it can be done in four days at a cost of 800 yuan. The operators of shared agricultural machinery reported that 25 agricultural machinery had been put into operation in the early stage, and half of the cost had been recovered after two months of trial operation

Inner Mongolia harvest e-commerce company launched a shared agricultural machinery e-commerce service platform

"sharing agricultural machinery is good. If you click on it gently, agricultural machinery will come to the door at the agreed time, which is particularly convenient." In this year's wheat harvest, the "Internet + shared agricultural machinery" platform has added new vitality to the wheat harvest after Hangzhou, and the precise and convenient service has been praised by farmers

scanning the code and paying attention can book agricultural machinery services with one click, and those who have machines can receive orders and complete the services. This is the core content of the first domestic (Internet + shared agricultural machinery) e-commerce service platform launched by Inner Mongolia harvest e-commerce Co., Ltd. This year, farmers in Hangzhou have taken the Internet express to connect small production to the big market through the service platform

lizhiyun, who has maintained a decline in the growth rate of energy consumption per unit of industrial added value in the second group of Heping Village, sandaoqiao town and other industries, is the first member in the village to book agricultural machinery through extensive mutual benefit for all kinds of metals, nonmetals and composite materials. "12 mu of wheat was planted this year, and it was harvested in the morning. It was 38 yuan per mu, which was several yuan cheaper than in previous years." Speaking of the different ways of cutting wheat this year, 60 year old Li Zhiyun felt particularly deep. He told: "it's really convenient to book agricultural machinery. It's OK at one point. There's no matter of looking for a broker or queuing at all. The key is to be able to choose machines freely. In the past, small and large machines on the plot couldn't get in and cut cleanly. This year, all the smaller machines have been used." While talking, lizhiyun took it out and demonstrated it. Scan the code, select the specification, leave the name, address and contact information, and complete all the operations in the speaking room. "The Internet is good, and the service is quite comprehensive. Next year, if it is planted continuously, the cost of all kinds of agricultural machinery from planting to collecting will be lower." Lizhiyun said with a smile

learned that in order to ensure the smooth progress of the wheat harvest, the harvest and harvest e-commerce platform is arranged according to the agricultural planting structure of the whole banner. Through the planning of agricultural machinery investment through the network platform, 100 different types of machinery have been introduced from Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei, Shandong and other places, harvesting more than 100000 mu of wheat, accounting for 1/3 of the total wheat planting area of the whole banner, saving farmers 1.2 million yuan in harvesting costs

Maike from all over the world also benefits from "Internet + shared agricultural machinery". "To collect wheat according to the order, you don't have to go out to find the wheat source by yourself, and there is no problem of disorderly price in the market. The income is relatively guaranteed. The platform has strict requirements for machinery, which is more guaranteed for both sides of wheat harvest demand." As early as a month ago, Mack Du bin from Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province became an agricultural machinery partner through the Internet, and the initial measurement system was automatically cleared; Try "Internet + shared agricultural machinery", and the Mikes have tasted the sweetness

the wheat harvest is just the beginning. The "Internet + shared agricultural machinery" e-commerce service platform also gathers a large number of high-quality agricultural machinery service providers, covering all links of agricultural production. The rise of shared agricultural machinery has built a bridge between farmers and high-quality agricultural machinery, and played a positive role in promoting the local development of large-scale planting and full mechanization of agricultural production

however, to do a good job in the sharing mode, we need to clarify several elements:

1. Idle products. This is a prerequisite for sharing. As long as it is idle, it can be provided to more users

2. Large volume market. Large volume means that the number of users required must be large and large, otherwise it is difficult to make money. After all, the initial investment of shared products is too large

3. Number of shared products. This is actually service capability. After the sharing demand is mined, the shared products must keep up to better serve users

4. Secondary liquidity. The sharing mode does not make money by sharing products, but by collecting users' fees and making money through cash. If you don't have the ability to realize twice, the sharing mode is also doomed to be a failure

the above four points must be considered by people who want to rely on shared entrepreneurship

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