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How should small and medium-sized enterprises prepare for the launch of ERP projects

the convening of the project kick-off meeting marks that the ERP project has entered the implementation stage from the model selection and business stage, and the cooperation between the two sides has been kicked off, and the real-time graphic dynamic switching screen can be achieved in the test. The project kick-off meeting is an important milestone in the whole project process. It is of great significance to hold a good project kick-off meeting, which is directly related to the smooth implementation of the project in the future

first of all, the project kick-off meeting is a briefing, which is to inform the company's managers, project team members and relevant personnel of the project in the previous stage, so that they can understand the background, process and planning of the project, and prepare for better cooperation in the future

secondly, the project kick-off meeting is an oath meeting, which can enhance the sense of urgency and mission of employees and improve the awareness of informatization of the company by preaching the motivation and significance of implementing ERP projects. Through the speeches of senior leaders, we can express a kind of determination and confidence to the internal and implementation consultants of the company, so as to unify our thoughts and clear away concerns and obstacles

thirdly, the project kick-off meeting is a training meeting, and the speech of the ERP manufacturer's implementation consultant can enable the company's employees to generally understand the relevant knowledge of ERP. If a question and answer session is set, it can be more targeted to solve doubts

"Kung Fu in the moment"

it is not difficult to hold a meeting, but it is more important to achieve lightweight through a lot of and careful preparation before the meeting. The preliminary work is mainly about the allocation and communication of project resources, including the establishment of project teams, the formulation of task plans and relevant systems, and the training and communication, that is, to let the company leaders and relevant business backbones and other personnel related to the project have a certain understanding of ERP, because only after understanding it can we talk about participation, support and cooperation. In addition to determining the meeting time, venue, banners and participants, the preparations before the kick-off meeting also include the adjustment of projection and public address equipment, with the focus on the preparation of meeting materials. These materials generally include project assignment, implementation schedule, project convention, speech PPT, speech draft, etc

before the project kick-off meeting, if necessary, a preparatory meeting can be held in advance to brainstorm, pick up deficiencies, and focus on the arrangement and coordination of all links and tasks, so as to ensure that the meeting can be carried out pragmatically and efficiently. The organizer can invite the enterprise's internal journal to visit the site in advance to interview, take photos and report, so as to expand the momentum and influence of the project. After all preparations are ready, the project manager shall report the arrangement of the kick-off meeting to the company's leaders, solicit opinions, and improve it in a timely manner. At the same time, the prepared materials shall be shown to the company's leaders

after the preliminary preparations such as the agenda of the kick-off meeting

have been determined, the notice of the project kick-off meeting needs to be issued. The main content of the notice is the agenda of the meeting, which should be clearly stated, that is, the time, place, participants, theme of the meeting, and a brief description of the purpose and requirements of the meeting. The leaders of the company can emphasize the importance of this meeting when approving

the host of the kick-off meeting is generally presided over by the enterprise ERP project manager. He is the communication bridge between the construction party and the owner, and also the core of the project implementation. The meeting time should not be arranged on weekends or afternoons, nor in the busy season or peak season of enterprise production. The meeting place should be the indoor venue and auditorium of the company, which should be able to place projectors and hang banners. In addition to company leaders, management personnel and project members, the participants should also have representatives of the implementation party, such as ERP manufacturer executives, implementation consultants, customer managers, etc. The agenda of the meeting is generally the speeches of enterprise leaders and senior executives of manufacturers. In addition to announcing the members of the project steering committee and the project team, and authorizing the project manager and the members of the project team, the leaders of the enterprise should also announce the relevant reward and punishment system to put pressure and requirements on all departments, and more importantly, show the leaders' attention and determination to the project

three details

1. Since the project kick-off meeting is mainly for information display rather than discussion, the general time should be controlled within half a day, so some matters that need to be confirmed or promised by all participants need to be communicated clearly before the kick-off meeting, otherwise the effect of the kick-off meeting will be seriously affected

2. This is a wind chime made of transparent resin materials such as intelligent camera lens and syringe. The minutes of the kick-off meeting need to be made, printed and signed by representatives of both parties, and archived by the project office after the meeting. The purpose is to make both parties feel that this is a serious matter, which should be paid full attention to. At the same time, let both parties feel that the project has really begun to be implemented, and everyone's interests are common and their goals are the same

3. When explaining the implementation plan, the project manager had better emphasize that this is only the first draft. During the implementation of the project, people will adjust according to specific needs with the rapid development of material science. In addition, it needs to be emphasized that the success or failure of the project is related to the vital interests of each employee of the company. Each employee, especially the members of the project team, should clarify their responsibilities and tasks, and have the responsibility and obligation to communicate the problems found in a timely manner. (end)

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