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How should paint agents cope with the off-season market

Abstract: the paint market in the off-season is calm, which is a great opportunity for paint agents to set sail. It is wise to take advantage of the trend to expand customer source channels, so as to lay a good market foundation for the peak season in the future if necessary

no matter which industry, it always has to go through the off-season once or twice a year, with few orders, low sales and a downturn in the market. There is an industry saying: "focus on sales in the peak season and market in the off-season!" Therefore, stabilizing old customers, developing new customers and doing a good job in the market in the off-season are the hard truth. Today, Wrigley paint shares some countermeasures for the off-season. I hope paint agents can also be like fish in water in the off-season

point 1. Promote hot new products

in the off-season of the coating market, in order to stabilize old customers and develop new customers, it is imperative for coating agents to launch powerful new products, and the characteristics and advantages of new products are the biggest highlights to attract customers. When competitors recuperate in the off-season, they should do the opposite, promote hot-selling new products and effectively seize the market share. With the company's new demand for the rapidity, simplicity, installation and reliability of the level switch, this is a good opportunity that cannot be missed. The art of Wrigley paint ① according to the national metrological verification system, the paint product integrates three advantages: novelty, uniqueness and artistry. At the same time, it adds the element of "environmental protection paint", which conforms to the customers' consumption concept of green and environmental protection and meets the needs of their new home decoration fashion. Taking advantage of the selling points, it can create a good influence in the new and old customers

point 2. Adhere to appropriate promotion

how to improve sales in the off-season? Carrying out promotional activities is a good choice. However, regular pure price reduction and promotion will hurt the brand and cause many adverse consequences. For example, regular price reduction and promotion will stimulate customers' consumption, which will easily reduce the charm of the product and enlarge the low price, so that customers form the inertial thinking of buying at a low price. Once the price rises, customers cannot accept it and reduce their consumption desire; In serious cases, it will also give customers the illusion of low-cost promotion of inferior products, and bring irreparable damage to the brand. Therefore, paint agents should adopt appropriate promotional methods, which can increase the added value of products or provide discounts for promotional activities, which can not hurt the brand, improve sales and meet other needs of customers

point 3. Expand customer source channels

the paint market in the off-season is calm, which is a great opportunity for paint agents to set sail. Taking advantage of the trend to expand customer source channels is a wise man's long-term plan to lay a good market foundation for the peak season in the future. For customers, we should not only focus on large provinces and cities, large towns, counties, townships and rural areas, which are also source channels that cannot be ignored. Although these places are small in number, they can add up. The all-round coverage points formed in the later stage can bring unexpected market effects. I think that in the off-season, in addition to increasing sales, it is to expand the market, and the latter is more important. Just think, no matter how high the sales volume is, the customer source channel is so small, and there is no room for the development of electronic universal testing machine, also known as electronic tensile testing machine. However, if the customer source channels continue to expand, a higher breakthrough in sales is just around the corner, and the future development is unlimited

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