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How should pharmaceutical equipment enterprises build durable equipment

Electromechanical industry; Pharmaceutical equipment; Industry analysis; The solution is to buy equipment, which does not have to be luxurious, but must be durable and stable. A person who purchases pharmaceutical equipment said so. It is understood that with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical equipment industry, various types of equipment on the market basically cover the product types on the international market. However, compared with foreign pharmaceutical equipment, the short service life of domestic pharmaceutical equipment is a major defect, which requires the efforts of manufacturing enterprises to continuously improve the durability of equipment

first, material selection. The choice of equipment material determines the durability of the equipment. It is understood that in the pharmaceutical equipment industry, stainless steel is the main material for pharmaceutical equipment, and the material cost accounts for more than 70% of the total manufacturing cost. Therefore, as the upstream industry of pharmaceutical equipment, the stainless steel industry needs to timely understand the needs of pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, and provide one-to-one solutions for their scientific selection and rational use of materials, so as to achieve both safety and reliability and reduce enterprise costs

for example, as the pharmaceutical industry belongs to a special industry, if the materials corrode or the products are polluted under the environment of acid and alkaline changes and high and low temperatures, it is necessary to select appropriate materials for this special situation

second, improve the manufacturing process. The level of manufacturing process affects the quality of products. In terms of welding technology, in the field of pharmaceutical equipment, welding technology plays a very important role in the manufacturing process of the whole front-line equipment. Only with 100% mature experience and cautious attitude can good welding results be achieved

in the actual welding process, the manufacturing enterprise should strictly implement the relevant requirements and standards. According to the industry, when many enterprises are welding, due to the improper sequence of assembly and welding, as well as the unreasonable selection of welding process parameters, they often cause tube sheet welding deformation, resulting in loose sealing and tube pulling off

third, improve product quality. In the pharmaceutical field, the quality of pharmaceutical equipment directly affects the quality of drugs. The industry said that the quality of durable equipment is usually very stable

modern quality methods mainly include five dimensions: people, selecting the corresponding COM port for online machine, method, environment and material. According to the industry, the system is based on five dimensions: all staff, all through the agenda of October 24, 2015, full participation and attention, implementation, compliance, management, maintenance, continuous improvement, continuous progress and spiral rise

according to the deployment of the seven key tasks in 2019, promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry is listed as a key task. In this context, China's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry also urgently needs to move from a large pharmaceutical machinery country to a powerful pharmaceutical machinery country, enhance the innovation ability of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment technology, and break the situation of relying on imported equipment and technology. Leading enterprises can take the form of cooperation between schools, enterprises and enterprises to carry out technical discussion and exchange, promote equipment innovation and process upgrading, and small and medium-sized enterprises can seize the opportunity of policy support, from simple imitation Repetitive and low-level production turns to high-quality production

at the same time, in recent years, with the continuous introduction of relevant policies in the pharmaceutical equipment industry, in 2019, China will also have a number of pharmaceutical machine papers everywhere in our daily life, and the implementation of mechanical equipment standards will also guide the development of high-quality and high standards in China's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry. Pharmaceutical equipment enterprises should seize the opportunity to improve and upgrade equipment in strict accordance with standards

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